Documentary Style Event Photography

If you are planning a big event, whatever it might be, one of the main things you should be thinking about is event photography. If you have taken the time to plan out an event, photography is incredibly important because it will give you wonderful memories of the great time you all had. My style of relaxed, natural, documentary wedding photography and event photography go hand in hand. Many of the guests at your event would love to remember all the best parts of the event. However, it can be almost impossible to remember all the details. Having a professional photographer at your event allows for these memories to be captured so that people can look back on them for years to come. 

So whatever your event may be, I'll capture all the special memories for you and your guests in a relaxed, documentary style. If you've got a special occasion coming up, perhaps you're planning a big birthday party or a family christening, if you've just got engaged and are having a celebration, I'll be there capturing wonderful memories for you to look back on. If you're responsible for organising sports, charity or corporate events and you're wanting a record of the day for use on your website, across social media, internal communication or for promoting future events, I can help.

Photography To Promote Your Event!

Not all events are for families, many business run events wether it’s an exhibition, expo or a team building events I can also provide you with images from all of those and many more too. As well as providing memories of the day there are many other reasons to photograph your event.

If your event is focussed on a product launch, you will want the product to look the best that it possibly can. Professional quality photographs are vital, especially for marketing your new product in future. You can collect a variety of images of your product, whether it’s a single photograph of the product, or showing it being used. These types of shots are perfect for posting on social media during the launch of your new product.

Use in future marketing,. Digital marketing is a significant factor in businesses today and with countless image sharing websites and apps, you need high-quality images of your event to upload to your website and social media in order to promote future events.

Word of mouth. Great event photography is ideal for creating free marketing for your business. It is always worth hiring professionals who can capture the best moments of your event is worth it. High-quality and professional photographs will have a huge impact on your branding and will also affect how people respond to it, let’s get people talking about your business!

Publicity. Quality images give an event more credibility and can help to establish your business's reputation and can convince potential clients and customers that you are running a reliable company. Great photographs make for great content when it comes to showing off your business.

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