School Prom Photography

teenage couple pose in the garden for a prom photograph
old style vw camper van parked up ready to take the young couple to the prom
couple smiling pose for a photograph inside the vw camper van
young couple photographed inside the vw campervan through the open door
young teenage girl sits inside the camper van ready to head off to her school prom
young couple inside an old vw campervan photographed through the window
couple pose for a selfie outside mansion house st.helens
close up of the young couple holding hands at mansion house st.helens
young teenagers laughing and enjoying themselves at their school prom
2 young couples pose for a photograph at their school prom
teenage girl smiles and puts her hand on the top of her head
young teens pose for a photograph at the school prom mansion house
teenage girl pouts and takes a selfie with her younger brother at mansion house
2 young girls pose for a photograph at their school prom
teenage girl smiles and flicks her hair

Beautiful dresses, huge cars, smart suits and lots of fun...

Not that long ago, most British schools didn’t have school proms, they more than likely had a simple school disco at the end of term, I know that's what I did. Nowadays though and thanks in part to American TV programmes being shown on TV over here, more than 85% of schools in the UK now have a school prom. Since making their way over from America, proms are big news these days. A "prom" is a formal party to celebrate an important date at school such as the end of secondary school or after completing school exams in Year 11 (aged 15–16). Some pupils also have a school prom when they finish primary school. Proms are usually held in June or July, around about the end of exam time or the end of term. A chance have fun with your school friends and celebrate your time and achievements at school. Often lavish events, with stunning dresses, sharp suits and outlandish transport, it's a great opportunity for creating wonderful memories and what better way to capture them to look back on for years than having me take those photographs for you!

if you’ve had a look around on my website the chances are you’ll have probably seen elsewhere that i really do not like having my photo taken and will do my best to avoid it as often as I can. I don’t like standing posing with a forced smile on my face, it just doesn’t feel natural at and after a while your cheeks and jaw start to ache too. I’ll approach photographing school proms in the same way as I do at a weddings, in a relaxed documentary style and no posing, well maybe a couple of posed photographs as well. I much prefer capturing the action as it happens, photographing the reactions of friends as they see each other for the first time in their finest attire, genuine reactions, fun and laughter always make for the best photographs. The school prom is very likely the last chance that everyone will get together for the final time, sadly people drift apart and life gets in the way so what better way to keep those memories than booking photography coverage for the event and getting some truly great memories and wonderful memories to look back on for everyone involved, especially when they’re older, that’s when they’ll appreciate those photographs even more than when they see them for the first time.

Who hasn’t had a look back through all of those old photographs that your parents and grandparents used to keep in an old metal tin or the old style albums with the plastic, static sleeves. Ahhh the nostalgia. Hopefully those days aren’t gone for ever nowadays as everything seems to be on line or left stuck on various electronic devices, what happens to all those photos left on there when the device packs up or is replaced with a newer model? In a bid to try and address this problem, you’ll be able to download all of the photos from the day and print them off yourself but I can also offer professionally printed photo prints in a range of sizes, small albums and a gorgeous selection of wall art too. It’s a shame to leave photographs on a usb stick and just shoved in a drawer somewhere, photographs always look better in print than on a screen!

Coverage is available from home to arrival at the venue.

As well as School Prom photography I also photograph Christening’s too.

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