Christening Photography


Lawton st marys church in the sunshine
guests arrive at the church for teddysa christening
vicar shakes hands with teddy mum in church
teddy fast asleep on his mums knee in church warrington
teddy mum carries him in her arms as dad watches him during his christening
christening guests punch the air as the vicar gets everyone up singing and dancing at the christening
teddy on his mums knee looking straight at the camera during his church christening in Lawton warrington
teddy looks at the order of service held by his mum at his christening
teddy in his dads arms yawns as he looks at the order of service during his christening
baby boy on his mums knee smiling at one of the christening guests
vicar holding a baby boy looks up at the ceiling in church lowton warrington
vicar baptises teddy at the font at st marys church warrington
vicar and baby boy in his arms looking at each other during the christening
teddys christening banner on the window at leigh miners club
blue and white striped sweet bags with teddys name and christening date on the table at his party

Leigh Miners Club

Wigan Christening Photographer


hallie carried by her dad arrives at church for her christening
hallies big sister olivia smiles at her sitting in church
one of hallies godparents gives her something to eat in church to keep her quiet
vicar raises his hand in church as everyone gathers around the font
vicar pulls a face and  looks over his glasses while holding the baby ready to be christened
vicar pours water from the font over hallies head as she pulls her face looking unsure
baby tries to grab the vicars glasses off his head during her christening
baby makes a grab for the vicars glasses in church
vicar has a shocked face as a baby grabs his glasses off his head during the christening
baby hallie wearing a flower headband looks around behind her while sitting on her dads knee in church
posed photograph of hallie and her parents with her big sister godparents and 2 young girks around the font
hallies sister picks daisies in the church grounds after the christening
large balloon with the words welcome to hallies 1st birthday printed on it
photo montage of baby hallie in the shape of a number one
close up detail of hallies gold pink and white minnie mouse cake

Leigh Cricket Club

Lancashire Christening Photographer


vicar puts a thumb up to scarlett in church at her christening
charlottes brother in the arms of one of the guests at her christening
scarlets older brother leans on the font and swirls the water with his hand
vicar pours water on scarletts head as she's held over the font by her mum
scarletts sitting on her mums knee in church
vicar puts her hand on scarletts head as she sits on her mums knee
little girl with her hand to her mouth in a white christening dress
young mum puts her hand over her little boys mouth in church to make him be quiet
little girl in a white party dress bends down in church to pick something up off the floor
little girl in a white party dress with a bow in her hair crosses her arms in church
family photograph in church after scarletts christening
ballon arch and helium filled balloons spelling out charlotte at her christening party
scarletts christening cake topper sits on top of her cake with pink and white flowers
on your christening helium filled ballon decorate the reception
large banner for scarletts christening on the front of the stage at pierpoint club warrington

PierPoints Club

Warrington Christening Photographer


all the family arriving at st annes church ormskirk for georges christening
dad and son arrive at church for the christening
little girl puffing out her cheeks and hitting them
young boy with a cheeky smile sits in his mums knee in church before his christening
georges sister squeezes his cheeks sitting on the church pew in st.annes church ormkirk
little boy playing peek a boo through his fingers in church
georges dad holds him over the font as the vicar christens him in st.annes church ormskirk
georges dad holds him up over the font as his mum looks on smiling
mum drying off little boys hair after his baptism
priest making the sign of the cross on the little boys head
boy wearing baptismal scarf looking at the baptism candle
georges sister leans on the back of a church pew and sticking her tongue out in church
little girl running down the aisle in chrch getting her photograph taken
cool little dude in a shirt and waistcoat with his hands in his pockets
little boy takes a tumble in thechurch grounds with dirty hands

The Market Cross

Ormskirk Christening Photographer


dax sitting on his dads knee laughing as he bends the order of service in half at his christening
dax sitting on his dads knee looks at the vicar in front of him
christening guest touches dax on the head as his dad holds him up
vicar sitting down on the step dax walking away turns to look over his shoulder at him
dax stands on the edge of the font held by his dad
young girl an a fancy dress outfit pours a vase of water into the font at daxs christening
dax at the front of church held by his dad with his mouth wide open
dax with his arms and legs outstretched and looking unsure as his dad holds him over the font at his christening
dax with the baptism shawl around his neck poses for a photograph with his dad
dax and on of his god parents  point at each other standing at the front of the church
daxs cake one half decorated as a christening cake the other a disney birthday cake
cupcakes in a firework cake stand for daxs party
dax wearing a disney pixar nemo fancy dress outfit at his party
little boy in a skeleton fancy dress outfit plays with a toy bus
young boy dressed as captain america sits on the floor and sucks his thumb

The Function Room

St. Helens Christening Photographer


olivia walks up the path to church holding her mum and dads hand
olivia walking up to church hand in hand with her mum and dad
lady christening guest crouches down and gives olivia a hug outside the church
photograph of olivia carried by her dad over the shoulders of christening guests
vicar chats with olivias mum and dad outside church before the christening
olivia sitting on her grandmas knee in church and brushing her hair
olivia carried by her mum holds onto her phone by the font
olivia not very happy crying puts her hand up to her mouth in church
olivia carried by her mum crying at the church font
olivia carried by her mum laughing at the font as the vicar splashes water on her
Olivia held in her mums arms and the vicar laughing at the church font
olivia standing on a church pew and leaning over the back
olivia looking excited and holding out an order of service sitting on her nans knee
olivia holds her mums phone up to her ear pretending shes on a call in church
olivia flashes her nappy as she takes a tumble walking up the steps at the altar

Winwick Leisure Centre

Warrington Christening Photographer

Karen & Ivy-Louise

young girl stands next to a man shushing someone by putting his finger to his mouth in church
man and woman taking a selfie in st.marys church haydock st.helens
ivy louises mum karen smiles and puts her thumb up in church
mum sitting in church adjusts her baby girls christening gown
black and white photograph of ivy louises mum karen sitting in church before the christening
karen pulls a funny face as she carries ivy louise up to the altar surrounded by family and friends
vicar pours water from the font over ivy louises head during her christening
vicar holds up ivy louise for the christening guests to see her
karen by the font holds her hair back as the vicar laughs
karen holds her hair back at the font as the vicar gets ready to baptise her
karen looks shocked as though the water from the baptism font is really cold
karen holds her hair back as the vicar touches the top of her head during her christening
karen holds her hair back and leans over the font laughing as the vicar touches the top of her head and blesses her
karen has a look of resignation as the vicar dries off the top of her head with a towel after her baptism
ivy louise hair is soaking wet after her christening as one of the guests puts her dummy in her mouth in church

Primrose Vaults

Liverpool Christening Photographer


olivers brother sits next to his dad pointing at something in church
olivers brother holds his dummy and a christening present and card
little boy lies on a blanket and drinks from a sippy cup in the church aisle
female god parent guest touches baby olivers head during the christening
olivers brother sitting in church and looking up in the air at something
vicar puts oil on olivers head during the christening
vicar fills up a silver bowl ready for olivers christening
vicar pours water from the font over olivers head during the christening
vicar points to someone in church as her dries off olivers head wih a towel
vicar holds a small bottle of oil during the christening
man lifts up a boy to a large high candle in church
oliversbrother sits next to his dad and looks up at the vicar as he talks to him
oliver fast asleep on his mums knee as his dad holds the lit christening candle
one of the godparents gives oliver a kiss on the cheek in church
floating balloon in the shape of a babys dummy at the christening party

Box Works

Warrington Christening Photographer


coreys sister sits on her dads knee on a pew in church
baby sitting on one of the god parents lap in church at his christening
corey with his dad sitting on a pew in church listening to the vicar speak
coreys mum and dad laughing with one of the godparents in church
vicar pours water from a small white pottery jug over the babys head as he christens him
vicar touches the babys cheek as his mum watches on
one of the god parents lights the christening candle
baby corey fast asleep in dads arms after his baptism
coreys little big sister puts her arms around him and gives him a hug
mum and dad smiling as the vicar laughs and points at something in church after the christening
close up of a label hanging from a sweet jar with coreys name and christening date on it
cupcakes on a stand with coreys picture printed on rice paper standing up in the frosting
christening day party banner on the wall in the function room
young girl helped by 2 adults to roll over a piece of soft play equipment
young girl crawls through a tunnel at the christening party

Haydock Cricket Club

Liverpool Christening Photographer


bryadon sits on his mums knee and reads the order of service
braydon sits on his mums knee in church and looks up at his godparents
vicar touches baby on his head and baptises him in church watched by his parents
vicar hands braydons mum a candle during the christening service
bryadons mum and dad stand holding him by the font
braydons mum and dad hold him over the font as the vicar christens him
babys dad holds his son up in his arms after his christening watched by the god parents
braydons mum and dad put his christening shawl around him at the font
braydons dad holds him in his arms and chats to the vicar after the christening
baby with a  finger in his mouth held in one of his dads arms
striped sweet bag with braydons name and christening date on
floating balloon arch spelling braydon at his party
young girl puts a balloon modelling balloon on he head
childrens entertainer shows the kids at braydons christening at magic trick
boy wearing a balloon modelling hat on his head at the christening party

Kings Club

Warrington Event Photographer


nan and grandad pose with isabelle outside the church before her christening
isabelle carried by her mum waves to the camera in her christening gown and bonnet
isabelle holds onto a church pew looking to the back of the church
boy wearing a grey suit with a bow tie and mirrored sunglasses in church with his friend reflected in the lens
wide shot from the side of the church of the christening guests listening to the vicars sermon
boy shows off the prizes he won to his dad at isabellles christening
isabelle and her mum watches the childrens entertainer at her christening party
isabelle sitting on the floor in her christening gown and a headband with a big white bow smiling at her party
baby looks surprised as one of the christening guests laughing puts her hands over her ears
isabelle sitting on the floor leans forward to look another baby sitting next to her in the face
young boy sits on his mums knee looking up and playing with a helium filled balloon
young girl in a flowery party dress playing on her mums mobile phone
young boy takes a ride on his dads shoulders
young boy gets help to unwrap the paper on his turn at pass the parcel
little girl sitting on her sisters knee take her turn to unwrap the parcel

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