Special Occasion Photography

Everyone loves a good party, you can’t beat it. Getting together with family and friends for a really good time. I’ll capture your event and provide you with memories to last.

If you have got a special event coming up, whatever the occasion might be, it’s certainly worth thinking about getting a professional photographer to cover the bog event for you. After all, you have taken the time to plan it all out, chosen all the little details from the cake to the balloons and all the rest of the decor, you’ve organised a DJ and the entertainment and now you have all had a great time. In the days and weeks after the party, all that you are left with is some great memories. The trouble is those memories will start to fade over time so photography of the event is incredibly important because it will give you the chance to look back and reminisce about the great time you all had, capturing moments that will last for years and the generations to come.

My style of relaxed, natural, documentary wedding photography and event photography really do go hand in hand and compliment each other perfectly. Many of the guests at your event would love to remember all the best parts of the event. However, it can be almost impossible for them to remember all the details. Having a professional photographer at your event allows for those memories to be captured and recorded in time so that people can look back on them for many years to come. 

With your photographs uploaded to a secure, password protected online gallery, you will be able to download all of those pictures straight from there, you can share the link around with all of the guests so they’ll get the chance to see them all, they can also purchase digital downloads and order professional prints in a range of sizes directly from the gallery and delivered straight to the door, all from the comfort and convenience of their home. I can also supply you with a fantastic smaller album with all of your favourite photographs, from my wedding album supplier Graphistudio, a perfect keep sake of the great time you all had for you to look back at again and again.

Relaxed, Documentary Event Photography For All Occasions.

Kieran's 21st Birthday Party

the birthday boy hugging his guests as they arrive for his part
young girl gives another girl a piggy back on the dance floor
dad and young daughter dancing together on the dance floor
group of party guests sitting in the corner around several tables chatting and enjoying themselves
2party guests cuddling in the corner at kierans 21st
party guest dancing in her seat with her arms in the air pointing her fingers
guest sitting at a table and hugging a young girl at the party
birthday boy tucks into the buffet and holds up whats left of his sandwich
21st party guest holding a pint and chatting with another guest
young lads sit around chatting at kierans 21st in st.annes catholic club st.helens
young man lifts a bottle of koppaberg cider in the air
party guest with his arm around the birthday boy
young woman on the dancefloor doubled over laughing at kierans 21st birthday party
party guest with his arm around the birthday boy on the dance floor
young 21st birthday party guests up dancing at kierans party

St. Anne's Catholic Social Club | St. Helens

St. Helens Event Photographer

Gemma's 30th Birthday Party (plus a surprise engagement!)

pink and black 30th birthday cake with dancers cut out of coloured icing
ballroom dancing at gemmas 30th birthday party in st.helens
birthday girl in a black wig and sunglasses dancing
gemma and dance partner ballroom dancing at her birthday party
gemma and 2 of her friends take to the dance floor for their dance routine
gemma and her friends wearing sunglasses and black curly wigs bending their knees in as part of their dance routine
gemma smiling points left and right wearing sunglasses and a wig
steve holding the microphone hands gemma the engagement ring in its box on the dancefloor as the dj looks on
she said yes, gemma and steve kiss to celebrate their engagement
steve gets a congratulatory hug from a male party guest
wedding proposal as gemmas partner gets down on one knee with an engagement ring in a box at her 30th birthday party
gemma all smiles as she gets a hug from a male party guest after her engagement
gemma still holding the ring box gets a  hug after her engagement
older lady gives gemma a big hug to congratulate her on her engagement
gemma shows off her engagement ring standing next to her new fiance at her 30th birthday party

Bold Miners Club | St. Helens

St.Helens Event Photography

Ste's 40th Surprise Birthday Party (with no surprise engagements!)

man sitting on a rock and fishing made from icing for a 40th birthday cake
smiles from ste as he's greeted by party guests
ste gets a hug from one of the party guests at his 40th
ste gets hugged at the bar by a lady as he arrives at his party
ste hugs one of his party guests at the bold miners club st.helens
ste screws up his face and looks confused surrounded by women at his party
young girl shows her mum a dog modelled from a balloon at the party
entertainer put stes modelling balloon crown on his head
ste wearing a balloon crown gets a hug from his partner
young boy smiles wearing a balloon crown and holding a balloon sword in his hand
young girl sits on her mums knee with her tongue out while she takes a selfie
young boy tries on a balloon hat at the 40th birthday party
woman at the party shouts across the table with her mouth wide open
young boy smiles while leaning his arm on the back of his chair at the bold miners club st.helens
40th birthday party guests pose for a photograph on a mobile phone

Bold Miners Neighbourhood Centre | St. Helens

St.Helens Event Photographer

Eileen's 70th Surprise Birthday Party
elderly lady puts her hand over her mouth in shock at her surprise 70th birthday party
elderly lady holds back the tears as she walks into her surprise party
70th birthday girl puts her hand to her forehead in absolute shock at her surprise party
70th birthday girls husband celebrates keeping the party a secret telling a guest all about it
2 mums holding young babies chatting at the party
70th birthday girl looks around the room at bishop road club in st.helens
young girl and baby laughing and enjoying themselves on the dance floor
party guest pulls a funny face while telling a story
70th birthday cake on a table with the colourful dj lights in the background at the bishops road club in st.helens
young girl takes a sip of her drink through a straw
birthday girls husband points to his wife in the crowd at bishop road club st.helens
70th birthday girls son on the mic giving a speech to thank everyone for coming
birthday girl blows out the last few candles on her cake
birthday girl takes overon the mic to thank everyone for coming to her party
elderly gentleman lines up his camera to take a photograph

Bishop Road Social Club | St. Helens

St. Helens Event Photography

NHS Graduation Ball
class of 2018 bunting hanging on an ornate gold framed mirror
graduation cupcakes on a tiered stand
mortar boards and 2018 iced cupcakes at the graduation party
2018 helium filled balloons in front of the window overlooking liverpool skyline
bottles of white and rose wine chill in a wine bucket
young woman lifts her dress up dancing while holding a glass of champagne
2 women pull a duckface and take a selfie on a mobile phone
2 women pose in front of the gold 2018 ballooon
young woman with her mouth open pointing at the seating plan with her friends
women having fun with photobooth props at the graduation ball
woman laughing as her friend shows her something on her mobile phone
2 women smiling and looking at a mobile phone
woman holds up a mortar board photobooth prop at the graduation ball
woman does a shot at the shankly hotel liverpool nhs graduation ball
shot from behind of 2 women taking a selfie on a mobile phone

Shankley Hotel | Liverpool

Liverpool Event Photographer

Year Six School Leavers Party
young girl in a party dress dances with her mum at worsely mesnes club wigan
young boy puts a couple of balloons on his head like mouse ears
young girl in a party dress sits down to tie her shoe lace
girl dances with balloons at the school leavers party
group of girls pull tongues and take a selfie at their leavers party
young girl sits on the floor crossed legged mediating with her finger tips touching while wearing a fez hat
3 girls posing with masks and hats at their worsley school leavers party
girl in a party dress and tiara poses with a large photo frame
girls posing with photobooth props at their leavers party
young boy wearing a penguin hat with his arms up in the air
young boy wearing a goggle eyed shark hat photobooth prop at the worsley mesnes leavers party
young girl looking surly wearing a cow hat with horns and ears
young girl wearing a pink flamingo hat points at the camera
boy pulls a funny face while eating a chicken wing wearing a penguin hat at his school leavers party
young girl points while wearing an airline pilots hat photobooth prop during the leavers party

Worsley Mesnes Club | Wigan

Wigan Event Photographer

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