Sports Event Photography

Everton Schools

Goodison Grand Finals

woman carrying a large bag of footballs before the tournament starts
photograph of goodison park from behind the glwadys street end
everton please keep off the grass sign on the pitch at goodison park
everton football club gate leading onto the pitch from the gwladys street stand
everton club badge on the side of the park end stand
gold cup trophies and medals on a table waiting to be presented to the winners at the end of the tournament
medals with the everton badge waiting to be presented to the winners
young football teams line up on the pitch in front of the crowd in the bullens road stand goodison park
shot from behind of the goal as the goalkeeper watches the action down the other end of the pitch
wide shot of evertons goodison park from the corner of the park end stand
wide shot of goodison park taken from the park end stand behind the goal
ball heads to the top corner from the penalty spot as the goalkeeper dives to try and save it
young players jump on each other celebrating winning a penalty shoot out
young boy runs away celebrating scoring with his arms outstretched
goalkeeper lying flat on the floor with his arms behind his head

Everton in the Community is one of the UK's top sporting charity's and firmly established on the world stage of community sports development. As the official charity of Everton Football Club it is considered one of the Premier League’s leading community schemes due to the quality and reach of its programmes. Established in 1988, the charity is at the forefront of social intervention across Merseyside and supports the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of local communities. Through its 120 dedicated full-time staff, 72 casual staff and 144 volunteers, the charity offers over 50 programmes covering a range of social issues including health, employability, anti-social behaviour, crime, education, dementia, poverty, youth engagement, youth justice and disability.

Liverpool Sports Event Photographer

Everton Women


vs Durham Women’s FC

everton ladies sign at halton stadium widnes
everton and durham ladies players jump for the ball in the box
durham player on the floor as one of the everton ladies tries to stay on her feet challenged by another durham player
one of the everton ladies takes a shot on goal
one of the everton ladies takes a shot on goal as the durham players watch on
one of the everton ladies puts in a cross on goal
2 players chasing the ball in the everton durham ladies game
everton number 3 stands hands on hips waiting for the game to re-start
durham ladies about to get the game underway for the second half
one of the durham ladies takes a shot on the everton goal
durham ladies goalkeeper clears the ball upfield
the ball finds its way through to the everton ladies number 14 in the bo
the ball hits the back of the net as the durham goal keeper lies on helplessly on the floor
referee looks at his watch before blowing the whistle to end the game
everton and durham ladies players shake hands after the game

vs Aston Villa WFC

one of the everton ladies poses for a photograph with young fans in the stands
2 of the everton ladies stand in the centre circle waiting to kick off
2 of the everton ladies players challenge an aston villa player
2 of the aston villa ladies try to tackle one of the everton players
2 players jump and challenge for the ball in the air
players on a rainy night at the select stadium widnes
one of the everton ladies takes a throw in during the aston villa ladies game
the ball flies past the aston villa ladies goal keeper and into the back of the net
one of the everton ladies goes on a run with the ball as aston villa players try to close her down
one of the everton ladies players runs to the edge of the aston villa box ready to cross the ball
one of the aston villa ladies players lunges to make a tackle
one of the aston villa ladies players tries to make a tackle
aston villa ladies goal keeper jumps with her arm in the air trying to prevent a goal as the ball sails over her head
the ball hits the back of the net as the aston villa goalkeeper kneels on the floor watching
the everton ladies hugging in a group to celebrate scoring a goal

Everton Women Football Club is an English women's association football team based in Liverpool, England, that competes in the FA Women's Super League, the top division of English women's football. Formed in 1983 as Hoylake W.F.C., it is now part of Everton F.C. and had previously played home games at Halton Stadium but now play at Walton Hall Park in Walton and have done since February 2020. The team has won the Premier League National Division once, the Premier League Cup once, and the Women's FA Cup twice.

Widnes Sports Event Photographer


End of Year Show
light up dance sign
little girls doing star jumps with pom poms waving above their heads
teenage girls dance routine crouching down with hands on their thighs
Young girl does a hand stand on stage with one leg in the air
young boy cartwheels in front of dancefloor sign on stage while another dancer jumps 2 footed in the air
big smiles from children in hoodies crouch down in front of illuminated dance sign
smiling young dance student does the splits in a red hoodie
2 girls dressed in red sequins jump in the air doing gymnastics on stage
dance routine with 4 girls sitting on the floor with legs wide pointing toes hugging themselves
2 young girls wearing holographic outfits cheer leading
group of little girl ballet dancers kneel down on stage while one girl dances in between them
girl in hairspray rehearsal sings and throws arms up in the air
Final dance scene girls posing during hairspray routine
young boy strikes a pose as the girls watch on during dance routine
teenage girl kicks her leg in the air balancing on one foot arms up high

“We're a dance studio in Bolton, Timperley and Stonyhurst. Dance Works is a safe, fun environment where students can see just how exciting Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre can be. We strive to get the best out of all of our students by working hard towards IDTA and performing exams and in shows supporting charity events and our very own Dance Works show.”

Bolton Dance Event Photographer

Track Days

Three Sisters Race Circuit
bright green vw on the straight at three sisters
driver waving an arm in a black racing car stopped on the 3 sisters circuit
driver stands on the grass looking at his stranded race car
broken down race car gets towed off the three sister racing circuit by a renault clio
caterham race car on the 3 sisters track
small red racing car on the straight at 3 sisters
blue and white mk 2 ford escort speeds down the straight
old yellow sports car on the 3 sisters track
bright green vw makes a mistake and comes off on a corner of the 3 sisters track
white peugeot 205 takes a bend at  speed on the race track
caterham heads into a corner watched by a couple of racing stewards standing by piles of old tyres
old fashioned sports car on the 2 sisters track
red caterham style racing car coming out of a corner on the 3 sisters track
lotus sports car takes a corner on the 3 sisters track
red sports car heads down the straight with tyre safety bales in the background

Three Sisters Race Circuit was originally a karting only circuit, but has recently been upgraded to host car and bike track days. The circuit has various track configurations ranging from 700 metres to 1500 metres. The outer circuit is the fastest and easiest layout and is used mostly for car track days. The inner circuit configurations make up the long and full circuit and are the most technical. You may find that on some events, a combination of layouts is used, where one configuration is run in the morning and a different one is used in the afternoon. As well as own car and bike track days, an incredible range of driving experience packages are available to book at this venue too, including Movie Cars, Racing Cars and Supercars, which we have on offer for both Adult and Junior drivers.

Wigan Sports Event Photographer

Aintree Motorcycle Club

Championship Race
motorbike takes a corner at speed on the aintree motorcycle circuit
collection of old motorbikes line up on the grid in front of aintree race stewards
old 50s style racing motorbike on the circuit at aintree
member of the aintree motorcycle club speeds down the straight on the aintree circuit
bright green and black motorbike and sidecar head down the long straight at the aintree circuit
sidecar co-rider leans off the back of the car
racing motorbike and sidecar on the aintree racing circuit
motobike and sidecar speeding around the aintree circuit liverpool
brght orange motorcycle and sidecar speeds around aintree circuit liverpool
sidecar rider hangs off the back of the sidecar as they take a fast bend at aintree racing circuit liverpool
aintree motorcyle club member does some prep work on a racing bike in the paddock
old motorbike up on a stand is worked on in the paddock at aintree racing circuit
2 motorbikes with wheel covers on under a gazebo in the aintree paddock
prohibited area sign in focus in the foreground as motorbikes blur past in the background
sidecar rider leans over the side taking a bend at aintree liverpool

Aintree Circuit was constructed in just 4 months in 1954 as the UK’s first (and only) purpose built 3 mile Grand Prix motor racing circuit. It was intended to be run anti-clockwise, just like the Grand National horse races, but only the first event was actually run that way. Experience showed that the circuit would be safer run conventionally, so it has been run clockwise ever since. Aintree hosted five world championship Grand Prix races, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1961 & 1962 as well as several non-world championship Formula One races. Back in the 50’s the top drivers of the day competed in several different types of car racing as well as the World Championship races and could even be seen racing in saloon or sports cars as well as in the main event. The full 3 mile Grand Prix circuit was last used in 1964 but car racing continued on the 1.5 mile Club Circuit right through until 1982. Today, the circuit still hosts motorcycle races but regrettably, car racing has been consigned to history. However, the Club Circuit is still used for the car sprints and track days run by Liverpool Motor Club whose members are determined to keep the venue alive for motorsport.

Liverpool Sports Event Photographer

Lancashire Powerboat Club

National Powerboat Championship
powerboat speeds past the safety boat on carr mill damn
speedboat almost lifts out of the water at carr mill dam
front of the speedboat lifts up out of the water at carr mill st.helens
speedboat driver zooms along with one hand in the air at carr mill dam
catamaran powerboat lifts up out of the water as it speeds around carr mill dam
catarmaran powerboat lifts out of the water at carr mill with the arched bridge in the background
speedboat zooms pas the arched bridge with a no fishing sign spray painted on it
catamaran speedboat sounds out a load of spray as it makes a turn
spray flies out the back and the front lifts on a catamaran powerboat in carr mill dam st.helens
front of a powerboat lifts in the air as it speeds around carr mill dam
2 catamaran speedboats race side by side around carr mill dam st.helens
blue and yellow powerboat on the water at carr mill
jordan muckles powerboat comes in to moor
2 blue speedboats make a sharp turn racing around carr mill dam st.helens
catamaran powerboat is tied to the moorings at lancashire powerboat clubhouse

“Lancashire Powerboat Racing Club is based at The Boathouse, Carr Mill Dam, St, Helens and is run by the members for the members with the aim of promoting the enjoyment of powered water sports on the Dam. Our principal activity is powerboat racing and the club is proud to have National and World Champions along with World Water Speed Record holders amongst its members. We pride ourselves in being one of the foremost UK clubs in providing RYA approved Powerboat Race Training for youngsters between the ages of 9-16 using the club’s in house training boat and equipment. Our complimentary activity is that of waterskiing and many of our members enjoy both water-skiing and wake-boarding all year round. We are currently taking applications for new racing and skiing members and information about all our activities can be found on this site. 

We hope that you enjoy visiting our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the club”.

Merseyside Sports Event Photographer

Morecambe Kite Surfing Club

kit surfer on the beach wearing his harness holding onto the kite
kite surfer in morecambe bay heads towards rocks in the sea
kite surfer stands in the water with his hands on his hips with his kite in the distance touching the water
2 kites surfers one on the beach and another just in the water
kite surfer lying backwards zipping through the water in morecambe bay
kite surfer zips along morecambe bay
kite surfer zips along morecambe bay seafront with his large red kite above the polo tower
kite surfer carrying his board out into the sea at morecambe
3 kite surfers in one shot out on the water at morecambe bay
kite surfer starts to lift out of the water in morecambe bay
kite surfer leaves a large wake behind him
kite surfer in the air as her turns his board
kite surfer takes to the air with morecambe bay seafront in the background
2 kites facing in opposite directions in the air at morecambe
kite on the beach at morecambe bay

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is an adventure watersport that consists of using a large steerable kite to pull yourself around on a board on top of the water. People enjoy the versatility of the different discipline, some enjoy riding the waves, while others prefer propelling themselves into the air as high as 29m. Kitesurfers go out in winds ranging between 10kts and 45kts and have different kites to match the wind speed. Kitesurfing offers you the opportunity to be free using the power of the wind to propel yourself around on top of the water or into the air. There is no feeling like been in the air 10+ meters only using the power of the wind. Others even take off their board at this high to put in a fancy trick.

Lancashire Sports Event Photographer

"Sports photography refers to the genre of photography that covers all types of sports. In the majority of cases, professional sports photography is a branch of photojournalism, while amateur sports photography, such as photos of children playing association football, is a branch of vernacular photography. The main application of professional sports photography is for editorial purposes; dedicated sports photographers usually work for newspapers, major wire agencies or dedicated sports magazines. However, sports photography is also used for advertising purposes both to build a brand and as well as to promote a sport in a way that cannot be accomplished by editorial means." Wikipedia.

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