Hand-made Italian Wedding Album

Storytelling photography, what does that really mean? Well you have probably heard the phrase “ a picture is worth a thousand words” at some point in the past, it simply means a picture will tell the story much more quickly and more effectively than the written word can. If you have ever read a good book, can you remember what it was that hooked you in? A great photograph will do the same, but it does it straight away, as soon as you look at it. It should convey everything you would hope to get from reading a book, the same emotions and reactions, grabbing your attention and leaving you wanting to know more A great photograph enables the viewer to perceive the essence of the story without a word being written or spoken and that it what I try to do with every photograph I take. Now imagine a series of those photographs all put together in a wedding album and that is why it’s called a Storybook. I approach every wedding with a view to tell your story and will document the day for you in a way that flows from one part to the next, it’s the same when I put together a design for your wedding album.

So when it comes to choosing the photographs for your stunning, hand-made Italian Wedding Storybook, you simply pick your favourites from your online gallery and I will design your album (from the options available here) so that it tells the story of your Wedding Day on each spread, be it from from bridal prep right through to your first dance or somewhere in between it needs to make sense to the viewer. I’ll weave all of those indivual moments together in a design that makes sense and tells YOUR STORY.

You simply choose your favourite photographs and I will work together with you on the design, from how the layout of the book runs from page to page and to help in you choosing the style of the Wedding Storybook Album you would like from huge Graphistudio range of products to the number of pages in the book and the colour and choice of material you would like the album to come in. Once you have picked your photographs and the album you would like, I’ll put the design together and before it goes off to Italy to be printed and bound together, you’ll get to see a final mock up of each page and how the finished book will look, you can see the kind of album mock-up that you will get just below, and if you click on the link at the side of each one you will be able to see how just an album is laid out to hopefully give you an idea of how yours will look too.

Below you can see a couple of Stunning Wedding Album Designs from some of my favourite Wedding Venues around the North West, I'll be adding more on here soon so check back to see more great wedding albums and wedding venues as well.

Click on the various albums below to see the album spread layout and design...

West Tower Exclusive Wedding Venue Aughton, Ormskirk

Italian Hand-made Wedding StoryBook Album with a Chocolate Distressed Leather Cover and Back with a Moka Leather Spine engraved with name and wedding date.

Example shown £350

Ashfield House Exclusive Wedding Venue Standish, Wigan

Italian Hand-made Wedding StoryBook Album with a Warm Grey Maple Cover and Back with a Brown Woven Spine overprinted with name and wedding date.

Example shown £380

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