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Sharon & Mal's Lancashire Manor Hotel Christmas Wedding

flower girls sits on the bed at lancashire manor hotel colouring
young flower girl smiling in the sunlight in her pyjamas during the bridal prep
reflection in a large oval mirror of the makeup artist working on one of the bridesmaids
bride with rollers in the front of her hair leans back smiling during the bridal prep
makeup artist and hairdresser working on the bridal party at lancashire manor
bridesmaid tips the little flower girl upside down having fun during the bridal prep
the flower girl gives her mum a kiss on the lips during the bridal prep
flower girl in a vest runs around the room at lancashire manor during the bridal prep
little flower girl sits on the chair in the hotel room as the hairdresser works on her
hairdresser works on the little flower girl as she sits reading a book
bridesmaid in her pyjamas hands on her hand lifting her hair up as she gets help with fastening her necklace
red bridesmaid dresses with furry boleros hanging up in the room at lancashire manor
bride with flowers in her hair smiling as she gets ready to go and get married
flower girls cheeky smile from behind her flower wand
groom groomsmen and page boy play with the giant chess pieces outside lancashire manor hotel

Ashley & Kevin married at Lancashire Manor Hotel, Skelmersdale

brides and flower girls dresses hang in the window at lancashire manor as the bridesmaid lifts her dress down
the bride having her hair done chats to the bridesmaid sitting on the bed reflected in an oval mirror
wide shot of the room in lancashire manor hotel as the bridal prep chaos gets underway
groom stands behind his young son and helps him sort his collar to put his tie on
the bride and grooms young son stands and looks in the mirror adjusting his shirt collar
reflection of the groom looking in the mirror fastening his tie
bridesmaid sitting in a chair getting her hair done as another bridesmaid sits on the bed taking to her
brides young daughter sitting on her knee on the bed wearing pyjamas during the bridal prep at lancashire manor hotel
brides young daughter sitting on the bed eating crisps and waving her flower girl wand
bride to be printed on the back of the brides dressing gown
makeup artist starts to work on the bride
the couples young daughter has a minute from the bridal prep and leans on the bed drawing
little flower girl sits getting her hair done during the bridal prep
bridesmaid wearing a pink team bride dressing gown
makeup artist works on the bride sitting in the window at lancashire manor hotel wigan

Emma & Mike's Lancashire Manor Wedding Day

silhouette of one of the bridesmaids having her lipstick applied by the makeup artist
hairdresser works on one of the bridesmaids at lancashire manor
wedding guest helps another guest straighten his collar as he puts his tie on
the bride stands smiling as the the hairdresser works on fastening her veil in
makeup artist applies the final touches to the brides lips
bride and bridesmaid inspect the brides bouquet
the bride picks up her bouquet ready to set off and get married
the brides brother arrives in the hotel room to walk her down the aisle
3 flower girls walk side by side down the red carpet at lancashire manor hotel
the bride is escorted down the aisle arm in arm with her brother
the bride smiles as she looks up at the groom he turns to look at her blue lights light up the stone walls
shot from the back of the great hall as the bride and groom stand to say their vows
little flower girl stands holding her teddy bear watching the wedding ceremony
bride throws her arms around the groom as they're pronounced husband and wife
bride smiles as she wipes a tear away from her eye watched by a bridesmaid in the background

Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding Photographer

"Lancashire Manor Hotel is the ideal location for any wedding celebration, excellent food and drinks, luxurious surroundings, a beautiful landscaped garden - everything you need to make your wedding the occasion of a lifetime. A big congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. May we take this opportunity to congratulate you and thank you for considering Lancashire Manor Hotel for such a special day. Choose from banqueting suites that accommodate 20 to 200 guests in comfort. Lancashire Manor Hotel is the ideal location for any wedding celebration, excellent food and drinks, luxurious surroundings, a beautiful landscaped garden - everything you need to make your reception the occasion of a lifetime. Relax in the knowledge that our team will look after your every need, helping and advising you through the planning stage. We can even advise on photographers, DJ's and where to find your wedding dress. We will help to create the perfect wedding package, tailor-made to your individual needs."

Lancashire Manor is a historical building for the area, parts of the hotel date back to ancient times when Lathom House, just a few miles away, was the home of the 7th Earl of Derby. It was the last Royal stronghold of the King of England that stood between Oliver Cromwell and his parliamentary army during the Civil War of 1642 – 46. Following the second siege the fortress Lathom House finally fell and on the order of parliament levelled to the ground. It is believed that the imposing stone entrance gate pillars and much of the stone used in the Great Hall were part of Lathom House. The main stone building dates back to 1770 and is now a grade II listed building, it was part of Higher Balcony Farm one of the many ancient farms all of which are believed to originate from the estate of the Church and Priory of Burscough which was the largest and wealthiest Priory in northern England. 

The original Balcony Farm which you are still able to see at the current centre of the hotel changed its' name at some point to the Belle Coney and is now a name given to one of the suites. The original Balcony Farm you are able to see the current centre of the hotel and the gate posts (now relocated). The name Balcony changed at some time to Belle Coney, a name given to one of our suites. In 1926 Mr George Alker leased and subsequently purchased the farm from Peter Dickinson who was the previous Priory tenant. In 1964 the Labour government of Harold Wilson created the “New Towns Commission” to create new and better housing outside Britain’s main cities. For Liverpool, 6000 acres and over 50 farms including Balcony Farm were compulsory purchased between Skelmersdale and Upholland creating “New Skelmersdale”. 

At the time the Alker family sold the property to Mr Laurence Baxter who regenerated the Great Hall and farm buildings into a wedding venue and 14-bedroom hotel. A major £2m renovation in 2010 and a further £1million extension in 2015, has established Best Western Lancashire Manor as a fabulous asset to the area, combining contemporary design with the old stone grade II listed building. Kings, Earls, ladies and gentlemen have passed through the gates for hundreds of years.

Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding Photography

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