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The Wedding Collection.

Wedding Photography For Couples That Don't Like Posing To have Their Photo Taken!

I'm a Wedding Photographer and yes, I really don’t like having my photo taken! I will do my best to avoid it whenever I can so I think that makes me the ideal photographer for all those couples that don't like getting their photo taken either! I know what it's like being asked to stand in front of a camera with an awkward smile on your face, it feels uncomfortable for a lot of people and I include myself in that and that's why I'll always make sure I capture natural, relaxed photographs of you, your family and guests on your wedding day. Real moments and real emotion and nothing staged.

For most of the time on the wedding day the chances are you probably aren't even going to notice me there at all but I will be there though, in the background observing everyone, watching the action and making sure I'm taking photographs of all of those moments you will no doubt have missed as a couple, things you wouldn't have even realised or known had happened during the madness of the day, it'll be a whirlwind and you'll be far too busy getting around everyone and having fun yourselves!

I will be posting a bit of a blog on how I tend to work on the wedding day, mainly to give you an idea of what you can expect and I will be posting it very soon, well just as soon as I eventually get around to writing it that is, but when I do, you will be able to find it over there on the WEDDING BLOG!

I know this may sound a corny or a little bit cheesy and it isn't meant to, but being a Wedding Photographer, I really do feel it's a genuine privilege for me that I get to capture one of the most important days of your life, photographing everyone being themselves, enjoying themselves, relaxing, having fun and great time, all completely unscripted.

Photographing the emotion, the tears, the joy and the laughter and telling the story of your special day and giving you lots of beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. So a big thank you, for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to reapy your trust by giving you those precious memories.