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Stacey & Ian's Bliss Wedding

shot from behind of the brides wavy ginger hair and strap on her dress
the flower girls litter silver shoes as the walks down the open staircase at the brides house
the flower girl looking bored as she stands getting her hair brushed
the brides mother stands looking in the mirror as she adjusts her wedding hat
the bride clinks glasses with the bridesmaids before setting off from home to the ceremony
the flower girl smiles as she climbs into the limousine
the flower girls smiles as she just about peeps from behind the reception desk at the bliss hotel southport
the best man and groomsman look at the time on the groomsmans watch
the bride and her mother walk up the red carpet before the ceremony starts
bridesmaid picks up her son and they look out of the window at the bliss hotel southport

Bliss Hotel Southport Wedding Photography

"Say I do to Bliss. Bliss is not your standard hotel, and we understand that you don’t want a standard package wedding. On your special day, you want to be the star, stand out from the crowd, and create a wow wedding that’s a far cry from a traditional cut and paste wedding day. Bliss is as individual as you want it to be. We are the perfect partner for your wedding, a luxury boutique hotel located on Southport’s promenade, which will provide the perfect backdrop to your day. Choosing a wedding venue for your big day can be one of the most  stressful yet crucial decisions of your ‘wedmin’, at Bliss we’re here to take the stress away and we’ll be with you every step of the way, to make sure the smallest details are covered and your wedding is exactly how you want it to be. We’ll help turn your dreams into reality as you begin your married life together."

After growing up in Ormskirk nearby, day trips out to Southport were quite common place and with going to college there too, I know the area very well, perhaps too well as tended to spend more time around the Marine Lake, the funfair and down on the seafront, in the arcades or playing pool in "the brick", the Scarisbrick Hotel much more than I was ever at college anyway. It has stood me in good stead though as I now have a bit of insider knowledge and know some great places for the couple's portraits in and around town in fact I can remember the hotel being build and remaining empty for what seemed like years before the Bliss Hotels group took it on in 2018. It's a modern looking hotel on a stunning Waterfront complex overlooking the Marine Lake as well as the sweeping views of the Ribble Estuary and Irish Sea.

The art deco architecture and stylish interior of the hotel sets the scene for what will be a memorable wedding day for you in lavish yet intimate areas and with an external space that oozes excellence, it's the perfect terrace for your party. Overlooking the Marine Lake and with the Marine Lake Bridge as its' backdrop, the Roof Garden is complete with an outside bar, firepits and relaxed seating so you can sip drinks and soak up the coastal sunsets at the end of the day before partying the night away with your wedding guests.

Bliss Hotel Southport Wedding Photographer

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