Abbey House Hotel

Cumbria Wedding Photographer

Jess & Lee

wedding dress hanging in hotel room window at abbey house barrow
bride having eyebrow make up applied
bride looks off to the side reflected in the mirror as she gets her hair and makeup done
bride in a onesie stretches to reach and lift down her wedding dress hanging in a window at abbey house hotel
bride stands on a chair puts one hand on the ceiling to steady herself as she passes her wedding dress to a bridesmaid
the bridesmaids work on th bride in her wedding dress getting her ready  to get married
flower girl picks a label off the bottom of the brides shoe during the prep at abbey house barrow in furness
bridesmaid fastens the brides shoe under her wedding dress
the bride gets a helping hand from a bridesmaid steadying her as she gets help putting her shoes on
flower girl climbs under the brides wedding dress

Abbey House Hotel Wedding Photographer

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bride enjoying herself on the dance floor at the hallmark hotel warrington