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Copper 31 Hair and Nail Salon

Rainford, St.Helens

copper 31 hair salon shop front sign
31 etched into the wooden reception desk at copper 31
rustic wooden shelving unit with hair care products at copper 31 hair and nail salon rainford
hair products and copper star ornament on the rustic wooden shelf
tigi bedhead products on the shelf next to a copper star ornament
31 number ornament on the reception desk at copper 31 hair and nail salon
hair products on the rustic shelving unit at copper 31
Edison style lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling at copper 31 rainford
couch in the waiting area at copper 31 hair and nail salon rainford
rustic wood framed beauty mirror with Edison style lightbulbs in front of a black leather styling chair
Edison style bulbs in the mirror frame at copper 31 rainford
wide shot of the nail bar and waiting area at copper 31 rainford
rustic wooden reception area at copper 312 hair and nail salon rainford

"Copper 31 is a bespoke and friendly hair & nail salon in the heart of Rainford village.

Relax in our unique salon while our team work their magic on you!'

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