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Aquasource UK

A unique and exciting range of products to make managing your pond easier

side view of an aqua source koi pond filter
detail shot of an aqua source pond filter perspex cover in place
detail shot of the inside of an aqua source pond filter
aqua source synergy 35 pond filter
detail shot of cleaning jets inside the aqua source synergy pond filter
detail shot of the drum inside the aqua source pond filter
detail shot of the inside of the drum in the aqua source synergy 35 pond filter
detail shot of the safety valve and cleaning jet inside the pond filter
high end and side angle view of an aqua source pond filter
high end and side angle view of an aqua source pond filter showing the motor
bag of aquasource fish food with the loose product around the bottom
full selection of aquasource koi fish food products with loose stock scattered around the front
aqua source full range of koi fish food and pond treatments
full range of aquasource pond treatment products
shot of one of the aqua source uk pond treatment products with loose product scattered around the bottom of the tub
one of the aquasource uk pond treatment products

"Aqua Source Products offers a unique and exciting range of products to make managing your pond easier than ever before. From water treatments to filtrations systems we have it all covered. After all... it's Aqua-logical"


State of the art dealership in St Helens serving Koi and pond products to customers across the globe.

"The concept of UKNishikigoi was started at the end of 2007. The location was perfect 1mile from the M62 and can be seen from the motorway. We decided that we would build the UK’s very best Koi sales outlet. With an empty Barn around 3000 square feet, sat within 2.5 acres of land. In September 2008, the property was bought and finalised.

We set out in September with around 12 people working full time in the barn, and also outside in the fields laying new roads around the site and cleaning all the area’s that had been neglected. Inside the barn there are 5 ponds ranging from 2500gallons to 10,000 gallons. On the terrace there are a further 5 ponds. Outside the main facility will be a series of 8 ponds, covered by a poly tunnel ranging from 2250 gallons to 7500gallons each. Then we have a 200,000 gallon growing on pond also under cover with a further 200,000 gallon large outside mud pond. The aim of UK. Nishikigoi is to supply and source the best Koi to our customers. We have the facility now to be one of the major Koi dealers outside of Japan. Nishikigoi will be stocking the full range of Koi, from 5” to 34. There really is something for everyone. We will also be stocking a full range of Koi related dry goods, pipework and koi food, everything for the Koi Keeper Everyone is welcome to call into the shop. We strive to give the best service we possibly can. Feel free to browse around the shop. There will never be any pressure for sales, have a complimentary coffee and relax indoors with magazines or on the patio by the ponds If there is any advice you may need, do not hesitate to call or email us, we try always to be available."

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