A Wedding Story


A Mini Tesco Metro reunion.

This was a really nice wedding for me personally, being back at one of my favourite wedding venues West Tower, of course but also because many, many moons ago, nearly 20 years ago now (showing my age) and in a previous life I worked at the Tesco Metro in Ormskirk town Centre, I can remember Heather and a few of the wedding guests started working there as "Saturday kids" soy it was really good to get the chance to meet up again after so long and to see some familiar faces again and as a bonus, get to photograph Heather and Paul's wedding.

Another victim of covid, Heather and Paul had also postponed their wedding several times previously and it was one of the first I shot as the last of the restrictions had just been lifted. Arriving at West Tower for the Bridal Prep, it was a lovely summer's day and I was greeted with an even warmer hug from Heather and her mum Sue, another awesome former Tesco colleague of mine, it was difficult not to just have a good old chat, I had to keep reminding myself throughout the day that I was there to work. One of the good things about West Tower is the size of the rooms for getting ready in, plenty of space for everyone and the decor is lovely. It was a busy bridal prep with Heather and the Bridesmaids taking turns n the capable hands of Sofia from Ruby Slippers Makeup and Hair. Heather and Paul's daughter were the flower girls and you'd have sworn they were clones of Heather, their huge personalities and the same mannerisms, they are just smaller versions! Lily the eldest, looks the most like Heather and has THE funniest expressions, there's no hiding what she's thinking and Charlotte their youngest definitely has the energy and Paul's sense of humour. She had everyone wrapped around her finger during the prep.

little girl tries on wedding shoes with her mum the bride on the wedding morning
young flower girl takes her shoes off as she gets ready on the wedding morning
young bridesmaid sits on the floor as an older bridesmaid fixes her hair on the wedding morning
brides shoes with a Butterly on the back of the heel sit on the floor caught in the sunlight
bride fixes a young bridesmaids hair as a couple of wedding guests look on during the bridal prep at west tower
bride gets a hug off 2 wedding guests as she gets ready at west tower country house
little flower girl in her dress runs and hugs her mum the bride and is lifted off the floor
young glower girl in sunlight sits on the floor and puts her shoes on during the bridal prep
bride sits on a chair smiling as the hairdresser finishes off her wedding hairstyle
young bridesmaid pulls a funny face during the morning bridal prep


The grounds and gardens at West Tower are perfect when you're lucky enough get the weather, there's lots of areas for guests to hang out, relaxing and chatting and this was definitely a hot one, plenty of refreshments going down! There's the option for an outdoor ceremony like Rebekah & Craig did but Heather and Paul opted to hold theirs in the Ballroom, a lovely bright and airy, split-level room with steps down to a central aisle leading towards the registrar.

Some couples really bounce off each other and that's certainly the case with these two. Two huge, fun loving personalities and there was so much laughter between them and the guests during the ceremony it was infectious. Sometimes the wedding ceremony can be a bit stuffy and too serious but there was absolutely no chance of that with these two, Paul even managed to make one of the wedding guests snort laugh during the ceremony and set everyone else off again, weddings should be all about having fun, as well as the getting married bit!

wooden arrow shaped wedding sign hangs on railings in the gardens at west tower aughton
wedding guests relax enjoying the sun in the gardens at west tower country house ormskirk
wedding guest adjusts a parasol in the seating area at west tower on a hot summers day
ornate white carved wooden mirror with wedding details written with a chalk pen
young flower girl stands on the top of the stairs fiddling with her wedding bouquet
flower girl and bridesmaids walking down the stairs at west tower before the wedding ceremony
bride and her grandad walk down the stairs on the way to the wedding ceremony at west tower country house ormskirk
wide shot from the back of the guests in the ceremony room at west tower country house aughton near ormskirk
brides mother uses a fan to cool down on sunny day hugged by a wedding guest before the ceremony
wedding guests turn around taking photos of the bridal party arrival before the ceremony starts


After the ceremony, the wedding party and guests got the chance to make the most of the gorgeous July weather in the gardens at West Tower, something you don't get to say too often. Gorgeous, July and weather are not something you often get to use in the same sentence in this country. Everyone enjoying themselves in the sunshine, it's a great wedding venue for both adults and kids, it's extremely safe and secure, they can just have fun in the garden, whether it's kids photobombing the formals or doing gymnastics, the adults can relax too knowing the kids are alright. Everyone had a great time, especially Charlotte, that's her skipping off into the distance...

Run free little one, well until it's time for everyone to sit down for the wedding breakfast at least!

young girl photobombs the bride and bridesmaid group shot making a peace sign in the background behind them
best man raises his arms aloft holding the brides bouquet walking down the steps outside in west towers garden
bride and bridesmaids group hug the brides grandad
young flower girl skips off into the sunshine arms in the air in the garden at west tower
young girls walk chatting in front of the wishing well in the gardens at west tower aughton
bride walks up the steps at west tower holding the rails and winks at the guests
young girl does the splits in front of her friends playing in the grounds at west tower country house ormskirk
young flower girl laughing as she runs across the grass toward the camera
bride gets a big hug from one of the wedding guests
bride and groom pose in front of west tower country house aughton near ormskirk
Drinks and Dancing in the sun...

After the lovely meal everyone headed back outside and with the lovely weather we'd had all day, it led to an awesome sunset and gave me the opportunity to get some lovely portraits with the Bride and Groom, definitely one for the album and up on the wall! There is something very special about that time of day, Golden hour as it's know, both during and just after sunset when the light is so much warmer, diffused and softer, it's my favourite time of day, add that to the views of the rolling Lancashire countryside, another reason West Tower is one of my favourite wedding venues, just beautiful.

When you've photographed as many weddings as I have, you don't get too many firsts but this was definitely a first for me...it was awesome and it nearly didn't happen! Heather wasn't really fussed about having a first dance but after nipping round and getting their wedding guests involved and a little bit of gentle persuasion from, I got the chance to photograph my first wedding dance outdoors and at sunset too, so cool! Considering they weren't bothered about having a first dance, after getting over the initial awkwardness and embarrassment of everyone watching them, Heather and Paul really threw themselves into it with Paul literally being thrown in the air by his mates!

Such a brilliant day for us all.

young wedding guests playing in the gardens at west tower country house ormskirk
bride hitches up her wedding dress as her young daughter carries her train
bride and groom walk hand in hand looking at each other in the west tower gardens
silhouette of the bride and groom kissing at sun set
bride and groom walking in the west tower garden at sunset
bride and groom walk hand in hand arms outstretched in the gardens at west tower country house ormskirk
bride looks embarrassed as they're about to start their first dance outside in the gardens at west tower
bride and grooms first dance in the gardens at west tower aughton near ormskirk
wedding guests surround the bride and groom during their first dance in the garden at west tower country house
bride and groom laughing and having fun dancing outside in the garden at west tower
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