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The Mercure Hotel Haydock is starting to feel like a second home to me now, I've shot a good few weddings there now and a bonus for me, it's practically on my doorstep, that said, it is a really great venue for your special day. Gemma and Dean's day for me started with a bit of Groom's prep, something I wish I got a chance to do more often, the lads tend to be much more laid back about getting ready than the girls and it's definitely not as hectic, easy when you can be ready in about half an hour give or take, a shave, a shower and get dressed, not much to it really! Us blokes don't know how lucky we've got it! After grabbing a few shots of the boys at home, it was a quick trip up the road to Gemma and the girls getting ready at the Mercure Hotel. Gemma's a horse fanatic and had one huge bruise on her leg from getting a kick from her horse, Dottyman and it must have hurt like hell, she was worried about me getting that whopper of a bruise in the photographs but not a problem! Everyone was nice and relaxed as I got there and the prep was well underway. I got a chance to grab a few of the detail shots, Gemma's shoes and of course the dress, her jewellery and perfume too not forgetting a shot of the rings, unlike the lads eh! ;0) It's really nice when the Bridesmaids rally around the Bride helping her get ready but Gemma's Mum especially wanted to play her part in helping Gemma finish getting ready, fastening her into her dress, fastening her necklace and giving her a last quick spritz of perfume and from the photographs, you can tell just how close these two are and how proud Mum is of her lovely Daughter.

groom straightens his tie reflected in the mirror at home
shot of grooms brown shoes and blue trousers
father of the groom helps him put on his jacket
bride and grooms wedding rings in a small wooden ring box
bride has her makeup air brushed on by the make up artist
bride has her eye makeup touched up by the mua
brides beautiful dress hanging up in the room at the mercure hotel in haydock
brides perfume and shoes side lit on the bed
brides engagement ring on the heel of her wedding shoes
bride puts in her earring helped by her bridesmaid

THE "I DO's"

Once the girls were all ready and it was time to head downstairs to the ceremony I went down ahead to grab a few shots of Dean and the guests waiting for the Bride and being entertained by a pianist before the ceremony. Gemma arrived soon after escorted down the aisle by her Dad, the Mercure is a bit different from other venues in that behind the couple and the registrar and up a couples of steps there's a raised area that gives a different perspective of the ceremony than you'd usually get, shooting from slightly above the couple and over the registrars shoulder and you've got the freedom of moving around either side to get shots of both the Bride and Groom depending on who's saying their vows and without the photographer and registrar getting under each others feet or pinned in a corner to one side like you'd get in most venues. Gemma and Dean had a couple of readings during the ceremony, including a lovely one from one of her Bridesmaids and then they continued on with their vows. The ceremony room at the Mercure Haydock has a gorgeous stained glass, domed roof light and I always like to get a shot of the couple walking up the aisle timed just as they get under it. Once the ceremony was over and Gemma and Dean were now officially Husband and Wife we headed to the front of the hotel for a few formal group shots and with the amount of guests they had, a confetti blizzard, if you're going to do a confetti shot, you've got to do it properly! We had a little walk around the grounds with the couple for their portraits, making the most of the fountain and the stone archway leading into the hotel and back in plenty of time, ready for the Wedding Breakfast.

close up of the pianist tickling the ivories before the wedding ceremony
groom smiles chatting to the best man in the ceremony room at the mercure hotel haydock
groom turns to watch his bride walking up the aisle with her father
head and shoulders shot of the beautiful bride during the ceremony
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
wedding guest gives a reading at the haydock mercure
bride laughing at the registrars mistake
groom smiling at the registrars mistake
bride and groom smiling at each other during the wedding ceremony
close up of the bride putting a ring on the grooms finger


When it came to time for the Father of the Bride and the Groom's speeches we had all the emotions, tears and laughter and toasts, Bridesmaids trying not to cry, all the feels. Then it was the Best Man's turn, slaying the room with a joke right at the end of his speech that was definitely NSFW but there was something about a trip to a certain place in Wales for Dean and Gemma, her face a picture in shock and Dean looking very red faced as you can tell from the photos, Mic Drop!! Gemma's poor Dad, I shouldn't laugh but it was funny though. The wedding guests made their way into the bar area to give the staff a chance to turn the marquee around and so the DJ could get set up ready for everyone to party long into the night, once Gemma and Dean had their first dance as Mr and Mrs of course. Congratulations to you both and Best Wishes for the future!

mr and mrs light up sign in the marquee at mercure hotel haydock
turquoise flowers cascade down the wedding cake
mr and Mrs Hamon take topper sits proudly on top of the wedding cake
bride arms open wide greets their wedding guest as the enter the marquee for the wedding breakfast
father of the bride gives his wedding speech
bride laughs during her fathers wedding speech
bridesmaid wipes a tear away from her eye comforted by the grooms father during the wedding speeches
groom with his head back and eyes closed during the wedding speeches
bride looking upset during her fathers wedding speech
bridesmaid raises a glass in a toast with the mother and father of the groom

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