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Another new venue for me this year, Ribby Hall Village. I didn't know what to expect on the drive up the M6 and as I drove up to it I couldn't believe the size of the place, it's huge and there so much to do, you're spoiled for choice and I definitely wouldn't mind going back there for a mini holiday


The day started with me arriving for the final throws of the Bridal prep, Charlotte and the girls were just having the final touches of having their hair and makeup done. Charlotte slipped into her stunning wedding dress just in time for her Dad (already suited and booted) to knock on the hotel room door to see her in her dress for the first time, always an emotional moment and mum quickly stepped in to wipe away the tears and save the makeup while Dad joined the Bride Squad and grabbed a celebratory drink of bubbly. It was time to set off for the ceremony shortly afterwards and it's the first time I've had to drive from the prep to the cemreony at the same venue, Ribby Hall Village is that big! I managed to park up and jump out of the car in time for the Bridesmaids and of course the Bride and her Father to be chauffeured from the hotel to the ceremony suite. making sure I jumped in and snapped a shot of Charlotte and her Dad in the back of the old Rolls Royce.

make up artist holding a brush puts the final touches to the bride at ribby hall village
wedding dress hanging up in the window at ribby hall village mother of the bride drink of champagne in the foreground
close up of the lace and detail on the wedding dress
wine bucket with the brides bouquet sitting in it next to her wedding shoes on the bedside table at ribby hall
bride wearing her dress is reflected in a mirror at ribby village hall
mother of the bride bends down under the dress to fasten the brides shoes
the bride her mother and her bridesmaids enjoy a last drink before heading off to get her married at ribby hall
father of the bride gives his daughter a hug after seeing her in her dress for the first time
mother of the bride carefully dabs a tear from her daughters eyes so as not to smudge her makeup
bride smiling with her hands in the pockets of her wedding dress


Arriving at the ceremony suite I found a nervously excited Groom and definitely an emotional one when he saw Charlotte for the first time escorted arm in arm with her Dad. Fortunately I'd already been tipped off that Charlotte and Elliot had a rather unusual ring bearer for the ceremony, their dog Yogi. It didn't take him long to make his presence known barking and growling every time the camera was pointed at him. He did his job very well though, flying up the aisle right on queue carrying the wedding rings to the soon-to-be-weds.

groom and best man waiting in front of wedding guests for the brides arrival
groom wipes a tear away from his eye as the bride struggles to keep it together walking up the aisle with her father
bride holding hands with the groom leans back both smiling during the ceremony at ribby hall village
bride and grooms dog runs up the aisle to bring the wedding rings
groom puts the ring on his brides favour as she looks down at her hand
bride and grooms first kiss as husband and wife at ribby hall village
bride sitting down looks up at her new husband leaning next to her as they sign the wedding register at ribby hall


After the ceremony we had the Rolls Royce chauffeur us, me included, back up to the hotel and spa for a few formal posed couple portraits, making the most of the lovely pond complete with ducks and the big water fountain shooting water high into the air in front of the spa. As I arrived at the venue I'd immediately noticed the balcony used in these shots covered in ivy and due to the time of year it had already started turning a gorgeous red in parts and I was determined to make the most of it if I could and luckily as it happened, it was actually the balcony to the room that Charlotte had been getting ready in and they were able to get out there and get some amazing shots! I'd had a good walk around the area before I started shooting the Bridal prep and was hoping to take the newlyweds off to a gorgeous woodland area (I said it was a big place!) for some more portraits but Charlotte was desperate to get back to have a play on the fairground they'd arranged to entertain guests and I can't say I blame her, I was dying for a go myself. They had a hook-a-duck, a coconut shy, ringtoss game and one of those strength test things were you have to ring the bell to name just a few, the guests were loving it and some off them very competitive too, brilliant fun, you don't get many fairgrounds at weddings, such a good idea!

bride and groom pose for a photograph on the stairs outside ribby hall spa hotel water fountain in the foreground
bride and groom portrait on the ivy covered balcony at ribby hall spa hotel
bad and groom looking at each other on the green and red ivy covered balcony at ribby hall
cute shot of the groom smiling and the bride laughing as they touch heads on the ivy covered ribby hall balcony
relaxed photo of the bride and groom smiling lean on the balcony rail pillars behind them wrapped in fairy lights
bride and groom kiss in front of the wedding car with the water fountain in the background behind them at ribby hall
young boys plays hook a duck at the bride and grooms ribby hall funfair
wedding guest has a go at the coconut shy at the bride and grooms funair at ribby village hall
back at the fair the bride throws a ball at the coconut shy
bride swings the hammer as she has a go of the fairground strength test watched by her new husband

The funfair theme continued throughout the wedding breakfast with bunches of little helium filled balloons and Ferris wheel cupcake holders as centrepieces, order of the day for the guests, a wishing tree and sweets table all with the same fairground bunting and logo throughout, even the wedding cake had a fairground theme with a carousel, a really nice touch. There was the usual mixture of laughter and tears during the wedding speeches, laughing one minute and crying the next, just as it should be. The Best Man's speech was certainly a memorable one, the Groom being gifted a pack of Tena incontinence pads and the Bride a bottle of Febreeze, for freshening up, well I'm not quite sure what!?? I'd been tipped off by Elliot's Mum that there was going to be a surprise for the newlyweds during the wedding and breakfast and once everyone had enjoyed their lovely meal, one of the waiters carrying a wine bucket full of cutlery hit the deck, wedding guests turned around shocked to see what the commotion was and if he was ok as well as the usual cheers of "whaaaayyyyyy" only for him to jump, microphone in hand and start belting out a song. It's the second wedding I've shot where these guys have been there and they're just awesome, the guests really get into it and join in, in what can sometimes be a bit of a flat part of the day as people are milling around and often head off and check in but with these waiters you can guarantee a party atmosphere and nobody wants to miss out by heading to their room. I was certainly singing along while capturing all the action.

fairground theme continues inside for the wedding reception balloons and fairy cake Ferris wheels on the tables
elderly lady plays her scratch card wedding favour during the wedding reception
father of the bride wearing his pilot outfit holds the microphone looking upset during his speech
bride wipes a tear away from her eye with a napkin during her fathers speech
groom sat next to his bride turns to his mum all laughing during the wedding speech
bride laughing with tears in her eyes puts her hand to her mouth during the wedding speech
grooms mother wipes tears away with her napkin during the wedding speeches at ribby hall
best man takes a pack of tena incontinence pads for men out of a carrier bag during his speech
groom wearing a grey suit gives his speech mic in one hand glass of champagne in the other
bride eyes closed laughing holds up a bottle of febreeze given to her by the best man during his speech

One thing I do have to mention is the dancing, just fantastic. There was no way that the lads were going to be outdone by the girls on this dance floor and came up with an impromptu dance routine, each of the Groomsmen in their suits taking centre stage to show off their moves and finishing off with Elliot the Groom, a fishing fanatic, casting out a line and hooking his Bride, reeling her in as she struggled on the line (no too much)! The waiters finishing off with all the wedding guests twirling napkins around their heads as they all sang "I Love You Baby" Elliot jumping ion his chair to show off even more of his dance moves! That set the tone for the rest of the night then and made the DJs life a lot easier as he played the dance classics from Cotton-Eyed Joe, the Cha Cha Slide and Wigfields's Saturday night but from the dance moves in the photos you could probably tell what the songs were anyway! A big big thanks for Charlotte and Elliot for letting me be a part of this fantastic day, thank you guys! Best Wishes for the future.

one of the wedding guests plays an inflatable guitar on the dance floor as the singing waiters entertain the guests
bride and groom dancing together and having a good time together surrounded by their wedding guests
groomsmen lines up on the dancefloor pointing at the women during their impromptu dance routine
bride and maid of honour dance back to back during the singing waiters performance
grooms father shows of his egyptian dance moves as the groomsmen watch on in the background
one of the groomsmen takes to the floor for his dance solo knees bent leaning back and arms outstretched
best man up for his dance solo arms outstretched as the rest of the groomsmen  watch on
groom goes fishing for his wife during his dance solo at ribby hall village
bride struggles as she is hooked by the groom during his dance solo as the groomsmen cheer in the background
groom reels in his bride watched by the wedding guests surrounding the ribby hall dance floor

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