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“We are not a Manor, Hall or Castle. We are not a Barn, Hotel or Estate, we are ASHFIELD HOUSE.”

If you’ve started planning your wedding and are now looking at wedding venues, I can definitely recommend booking an appointment to have a good look around Ashfield House. You may have found this page because you’re looking for a stunning wedding venue in Lancashire or maybe you’ve booked the brilliant Ashfield House already and are now looking for a photographer for your wedding at Ashfield House, if you would like to chat about your wedding photography, you can contact me here or fill in the form below.

Full of intriguing stories from its past and with plenty of period details, Ashfield House was built in 1755 and lovingly restored as recently as 2009 ensuring the heritage of the house and retaining a nod to its' history. From the moment you arrive and walk up the path through the manicured gardens and into the grand hallway you can tell you've arrived at somewhere special and this isn't your average wedding venue.

drone photograph of Ashfield house wigan. Lancashire wedding photographer. Wigan Wedding Venue.
the front of ashfield house standish. exclusive wedding venue. Ashfield house wedding photographer.
drone photograph of the rear of ashfield house and garden. Lancashire Wedding Photographer. North West Wedding Venue

Getting Wedding Ready In The Sitting Room

“Its no secret that weddings are well and truly our ‘thing’ and every bit of the house is designed with weddings in mind. Deep down it’s the frivolous and eccentric that makes our hearts sing but we know that getting ready in the morning is serious business. Our Sitting Room is super practical (and stylish, of course), flooded with natural light, makeup stations, more plugs than you can shake a straightener at, comfy sofas, dress hooks, Bluetooth speaker and air-conditioning – no hot mess here! The Sitting Room is no stranger to a beard trimmer and row of suits… its not always all about the ladies. We include freshly baked pastries and fruit in the morning or you can order your favorite breakfast. Our fridge can be stocked with drinks to calm the jitters and you can enjoy unlimited nespressos.Arrive as early as you like to get ready and come back throughout the day for a tidy up or a bit of quiet time. Having a separate space to get ready means that Room Number One is a clean and tidy oasis of loveliness to come back to when the party is finally over.“

There is plenty of space for you all to get ready in the sitting room and with the huge period style windows flooding the room with light it's perfect for your your make up artists and perfect for photographs, sit yourself facing the window and you'll look great getting ready and with it big room to get ready, it's much easier to hide the unavoidable mess in the photos too and that's always a bonus! Another example of how the team at Ashfield House go out of there way for you, they've pretty much thought of everything and in the sitting room there's makeup stations, plenty of plug sockets, a bluetooth speaker, comfy couches, dress hooks, toasty central heating for those colder days and air conditioning for those few weeks of hot weather, freshly bakes pastries and fresh fruit in the morning and oh, did I mention... there's plenty of space!

Bridesmaids chatting during the bridal prep in the sitting room. Ashfield house wedding photographer
Wide shot taken from slightly above of the bridal party in their pyjamas on the wedding morning. Ashfield House wedding
Hairdresser working on the bride in the sitting room at Ashfield house wedding venue
Brides dress hanging up in one of the windows at Ashfield house wedding venue. Lancashire wedding photographer
Hairdresser working on the bride in the sitting room at Ashfield house. Wigan wedding. Lancashire wedding photographer
Bride fastens her earring during the bridal prep. Ashfield house wedding photographer. Wigan wedding photography
Maid of honour fastens the bride into her wedding dress. Ashfield house wedding photography. Wigan wedding photographer
Bride gets a hug from her maid of honour before the ceremony. Ashfield house wedding photographer.
Bride stands smiling in front of a large ornate mirror in the sitting room at Ashfield house.
The Ceremony Room

“Our house is a gorgeous blank canvas for weddings, it is grand yet homely and is jam packed full of quirky details (old and new) yet somehow manages to soak up the personality of each couple. The atmosphere here is full of love and joy, probably because of the absolute legends that make up our wedding team, busy doing their dream job day in day out! Stating the obvious here but… getting married is what you came to do, it’s the main event and it deserves a spectacular space. Our Ceremony Room is the most exciting blank canvas, it has magical power to adapt itself to any kind of theme or colour scheme, traditional or contemporary, rustic or polished, or maybe even a bit of everything! The vaulted ceiling full of curiosities and numerous ledges can be styled to the max or left minimal to curate a space that feels like you."

The ceremony room is great, a nice big, long and wide white room full of ornate details and perfect for dressing. It's frustrating when you're boxed into a corner but in Ashfield House there's plenty of space for your wedding photographer to be able to move around and capture those special moments during the ceremony. Your guests aren't going to be all squashed in side by side, cramming as many seats in as possible, so there's always the opportunity to get plenty of photographs of their reactions during the wedding ceremony and when the weather doesn't want to play ball, it's plenty big enough to get a full group photo done in there too, been there done that.

Bride walks up the aisle in the ceremony room at Ashfield house. Lancashire wedding photographer.
Bride and groom share a first kiss during the cementing at Ashfield house. Wigan wedding venue.
Bride and groom walk up the aisle at Ashfield house. Lancashire wedding photographer.
Groom sits with the registrar in an empty ceremony room. Ashfield house photography
Bride and groom look back over their shoulder during the ceremony. Lancashire wedding photographer
Groom kisses the bride in the ceremony room at Ashfield house. Lancashire wedding photographer.
The House

“Did we mention our house feels like a home? A home with a kick ass layout for weddings obviously! We clearly adore weddings but actually our inspiration comes from anything but the wedding industry so we aren’t so much following cliché wedding trends as reflecting modern living. The Grand Hallway is the heart of the house and all of our rooms branch out from here. Big enough to feel grand but not so big you lose the atmosphere, our layout isn’t a series of small rooms where guests can get lost.

We think it’s the little details and home comforts that catapult Ashfield House onto another level; we always have candles, fresh flowers and lanterns in our hallway and our shelves, tables, nooks and crannies can be populated you’re your own details to make it truly feel like yours for the day. Our Music Room is the loveliest living room/coffee bar crammed with home comforts where you can make yourself comfortable and feel right at home. It can also be used for photo booths, food grazing or any other extras you may have. Our beautiful gardens are lovely to explore and the two terraces are perfect for spending time outside. Our toilets are nice too.”

The Grand Hallway really is the heart of Ashfield House, it's the little details that make it special and things that you may not even have noticed but there's always candles and fresh flowers along the hall and with the layout of the house, all of the rooms branch of from there. Great both before and after the wedding Ceremony, the music room is essentially a large living room full of comfy couches so grab a drink, get yourself comfortable and make yourself at home. And at the end of the hallway is that stair case, oh that stair case... Just perfect for some more couple portraits.

Bride sits with her young son on a leather couch in the hallway of Ashfield house Lancashire wedding venue.
Bride holds her young sons hand walking up the staircase at Ashfield house wigan. Lancashire wedding photographer.
Bride and groom pose on a red leather couch. Ashfield house wedding photographer. Lancashire wedding photography.
Bride and groom kiss on the balcony overlooking the ornate staircase at Ashfield house. Wigan wedding photographer.
Portrait of a Bride and groom taken through a balustrade on the Ashfield house staircase. Wigan wedding photography.
bride walking down the ornate staircase at ashfield house wigan. Lancashire wedding photographer. Wigan Wedding Venue
The Gardens And The Grounds

“Our beautiful gardens are private and provide photographers with plenty of portrait backdrops including the sweeping lawn, lavender path and stone steps. Our raised terrace is wonderful for relaxing during the drinks reception and evening reception, especially when we have our wood fired pizza oven fired up and cooking for guests. The lawns are often the setting for garden games to keep guests entertained all day.”

As if all that wasn't enough to book your Ashfield House for your wedding, here's yet another reason, the gardens! There's two terraces for your guests to hang around and spend time outside, great for relaxing during the drinks and evening reception and when the wood fired pizza oven is up and running it smells amazing! The gardens are completely private and from a photographers point of view, there's so much choice of backdrops to your portraits. Whether it's the long sweeping lawn (great if you're planning on having garden games to entertain the guests), there's a lavender lined pathway leading up to the house that smells amazing and they've recently added a stunning natural, wildflower meadow with a mown path meandering through it, go for a walk through there and your photographer will love you for it, the photos will look awesome!

Bride and groom kiss in the doorway of Ashfield house wigan. Lancashire wedding photographer.
Bride and groom holding hands walk along the garden path at Ashfield house. Wigan wedding photographer.
Bride and groom walking hand in hand in the meadow at Ashfield house wigan. Lancashire wedding venue.
Bride and groom walk in the meadow at Ashfield house, Standish wigan.
The Wedding Breakfast

“So if you aren’t familiar with the peculiar British phenomenon that is the wedding ‘breakfast’ lets bring you up to speed… we aren’t actually talking about breakfast. Back in the day couples would have fasted before the wedding but we encourage our couples to spend the morning having copious amounts of coffee, prosecco and pastries! Anyway, we’ve got somewhere glorious for you to host your wedding (not) breakfast, it overlooks the gardens and terrace and is another beautiful blank canvas ready to be transformed into something that really represents you. The massive bay windows make it light and airy and we have created a stylish space to put all your ‘stuff’. Think photos, trinkets, flip flops, guest books, candy, tributes to loved ones, cakes and you can even project photos, videos or powerpoints onto the wall. We can seat up to 120 guests for a sit down dinner and by the way, if you do actually want to serve breakfast then you got it, anything goes here!”

The Wedding Breakfast Room for want of a better phrase is another example of just how Ashfield House are absolutely smashing the wedding venue game. Overlooking the terrace and gardens it's a huge room flooded with natural light, plenty of space for your guests and a huge top table and the Wedding Cake Feature Wall looks great as it is showcasing your cake or adorned with your own wedding decorations in keeping with the theme of your day. Speaking from experience, oh man the food is soooo good here too!

A  table set ready for the wedding breakfast. Ashfield house wedding photographer. Lancashire wedding photography
Ashfield house wedding breakfast room all set ready for the wedding guests. Lancashire wedding photography.
The decorative cake wall in the wedding breakfast room  at Ashfield house. Wigan wedding photography.
Top table set ready for the wedding guests. Ashfield house wedding photographer. Lancashire wedding photography.
The gin bar available to hire at Ashfield house Standish wigan. Lancashire wedding photographer.
The Party

“We love a good shindig here at Ashfield House and honestly we think we have THE best space to do it in. The bar, seating and DJ are different zones of the same space, this holy grail of layouts means guests wont be scattered all over the house (unless you want to use the other spaces or have an outrageous number of party-goers ). The Library Bar is achingly cool and is amazing for sinking into a sofa for a good chat. We can host evening receptions up to 220 guests using both bars. Our bar is anything but ordinary. Expect trendy styling, an extensive menu, local real ale on hand pulls and super friendly staff.”

Turning the room around after the wedding breakfast and ready for the party to get underway almost as fast as Superman gets changed in a phone box, the team at Ashfield House have got it nailed down. As soon as your guest filter out of the room well fed and happy, making their way into the Music Room and the Library Bar, the room will undergo a transformation, the DJ sets up and before you know it, it's ready to welcome the guests back in for the evening reception and partying the night away.

Bride and groom showered in confetti on the Ashfield house dancefloor during their first dance.
Bride and grooms first dance at Ashfield house Standish wigan. Lancashire wedding photographer.
Bride and groom pose outside Ashfield house at night. Wigan wedding photographer. Standish wedding venue.
Bride and groom in the grounds at Ashfield house at nighttime. Ashfield house wedding venue. Lancashire wedding venue.
Bride and groom on the dancefloor at Ashfield house during their first dance. Lancashire wedding venues.
Bride and grooms first dance at Ashfield house Standish, Wigan, Lancashire.
Bride and groom on the dancefloor surrounded by their wedding guests. Ashfield house wedding photographer.

“Ashfield House is an awesome family run wedding venue where couples come and take over exclusively for the day! A gorgeous blank canvas for weddings, grand yet homely and jam packed full of quirky details – but not so hipster your Nan won’t approve!”

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