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For some young people a lack of understanding of the working world is a significant barrier to finding and sustaining employment. Jobcentre Plus will work with you to offer young jobseekers the opportunity to overcome this barrier through work experience placements. The chance to undertake real work and adjust to the routines and habits of working life can significantly improve their employment prospects. Offering work experience to a much wider age group can also be highly effective in supporting people to find employment, especially if they have been away from work for some time. It can develop or re-fresh their skills and help them gain confidence, supporting them to move closer to employment. Older participants may well bring a range of skills that can positively contribute to your business.

work experience teenager works on the locks in liverpool
teenager on work experience chatting with mersey river trust
mersey river trust staff chat with staff from everton in the community
work experience teenager chats with staff from everton in the community and the mersey river trust
teenager on work experience discussing work with mersey river trust staff
young man operating a river lock on his work experience
young man on work experience with mersey river trust operating one of the locks
man on work experience using a computer at his desk
young man on work experience with the mersey river trust using a computer
2 men chatting by a desk at mersey river trusts local office
2 men chatting at a work desk for mersey river trust
young man on his work experience placement working at his desk with another older man

Above is a small selection of photographs taken after being commissioned by Everton Football Club’s amazing charity, Everton who find it difficult to positively shape their futures, either within school or upon leaving where the risk of unemployment becomes more likely. Their support programmes harness the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of a wide range of young people, empowering them to effect positive social change and also reach into some of the most fchallenging and hard-to-reach groups across Merseyside.


Working in partnership with Everton in the Community, The Mersey Rivers Trust is a charity working in partnership with all those interested in improving our local rivers and waterways. The Trust began life as the Mersey Basin Campaign from 1985 - 2010. The 25 year scheme, backed by the government, aimed to clean up the entire Mersey river system. After the campaign was completed in 2010 the Healthy Waterways Trust, later renamed the Healthy Rivers Trust, continued its legacy to keep improving the River Mersey and its tributaries. In 2017, the Healthy Rivers Trust and the Mersey Basin Rivers Trust merged to form a new charity - the Mersey Rivers Trust. It is hoped that combined knowledge and resources will help the charity grow and continue to create healthier rivers for people and wildlife to enjoy. The Trust covers a large area of the North West River Basin District and includes the rivers Alt, Crossens, Irwell, Tame, Goyt, Bollin, Weaver and more. These rivers feed into the River Mersey which begins in Stockport and rom there, the Mersey flows through Warrington and Widnes to Liverpool where it joins the Irish Sea. The land use is varied throughout the catchment with large urban towns and cities neighbouring farm land, nature reserves, the Peak District and beaches.

What do the Mersey River Trust do? The range of work we undertake is vast, just some of the work we do includes Natural Flood Management, building dams to trap sediment and slow the flow of water downstream to give trees and other vegetation time to take up the water and nutrients which will reduce flooding downstream and improve water quality, also building Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to reduce flooding and improve water quality in urban areas. Planting trees as they provide many benefits to rivers and the wildlife within. They help to: reduce flooding by taking up water from the soil allowing more infiltration and less overland flow, improve water quality by removing pollutants, stabilise river banks to reduce sediment input, create habitats and natural leaky dams when fallen into the river, fallen leaves provide nutrients for birds and fish.

Ecology, human infrastructure such as dams and weirs provide a barrier to fish and reduce their migration upstream. By building fish passes it provides a shallow, alternative route for fish either alongside the weir or a separate channel diverting away from the main river. Fish migration is part of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and indicates the ecological status of a watercourse. The Mersey Rivers Trust are undertaking a Fisheries Action Plan to allow free migration of fish and allow the return of salmon to the Mersey. With the help of our River Guardian volunteers, we survey a variety of animals and fish, looking for changes in their abundance or the presence of new species as this can indicate water quality issues or improvements.

Amazing work to improve the environment I’m sure you’ll agree.

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