Well 2020 what an absolute **** of a year that was!!

2021 doesn't seem to be much better but it's early days!

Last year I photographed a grand total of 4 weddings, 4!! There was one right at the end of March just before LOCKDOWN ONE kicked in and then three more later on in the weirdest, worst of all years.

If your wedding plans have been affected and thrown into chaos due to this awful virus and you don't know wether to A) go ahead but on a smaller scale with restrictions in place or B) postpone until, fingers crossed, this pandemic has passed, I can sympathise completely. We're in exactly the same boat, should've married last September, we've already postponed once until until May this year and now we're back in lockdown version 3.0 we're stuck in limbo, there's no shops open so we can't get things organised, can't get hair and makeup trials done (Donna not me) and currently have no clue what to do for the best, yeah it absolutely sucks!

If you do decide on Option A though, this will hopefully put your mind at rest and show you that although even though it may not be the day you had planned originally it can and will, still be awesome!

blue covid 19 face mask on a side table next to wedding makeup covid weddings 2020

For me personally, as a wedding photographer I can honestly say that I've absolutely loved doing these smaller, shorter and more intimate weddings. It's something new, it's something very different and I find myself taking time out to think about the photographs I'm taking rather than being caught up in a 100 mile an hour blur of day. Micro weddings are much more chilled out and relaxed. With so many different parts of a wedding currently stripped away due to restrictions, the focus switches, it's all about the couple, that's what it's all about at the end of the day, 2 people in love, making a commitment to each other, there for each other along with their closest family and friends, it's suddenly no longer about the whole wedding 'show' anymore.

Of course, another huge reason for deciding on a smaller wedding, the cost! Cutting back on all the extra bits wether its a chocolate fountain, a sweet cart, a magician, even the DJ or the band while we're not able to have the usual wedding reception, think of what you will save! A small fortune and you can always put the money you save towards an extra special honeymoon or just treat yourselves and after this year, no one can say you don't deserve it!

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Micro Wedding Package
Spring 2021

So with that in mind, I'm currently offering a fantastic Micro Wedding Package until 31st May 2021, with just 2 hours coverage available, it's perfect for smaller, shorter weddings but you'll still get some great shots of the Groom, the Guests and of course, the Bride arriving at the venue, throughout the Wedding Ceremony and a few more traditional group photos and finishing with some stunning couple portraits of you the newlyweds afterwards, all managed in covid secure way. You can even add a gorgeous hand-made, Italian StoryBook Wedding Album afterwards if you want to, showcasing those beautiful images of your (little) Big Day!! So if you're planning on a smaller wedding please get in touch using the form below and tell me about your plans!

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Proof you can still have a beautiful, small, intimate wedding even if there are Covid-19 restrictions in place check out these two Covid-19 Weddings...

Planning a smaller Wedding? Get in touch to chat about your (little) Big Day!