Choosing the right person that you're going to marry is obviously the most important decision that you'll make when it comes to your wedding day but I'll take it that if you're reading this then you've already go that one checked off the list!

Picking the venue, another massively important decision and so is choosing your photographer! They're the person that will be documenting every detail of your special day so you're going to need to make sure you pick the right one.

So just how are you meant to know you've picked the right photographer?

There's decisions to be made so I've put together a few tips to help you along the way...


Does their style match your taste?

It might seem very obvious but if I could offer you a bit of advice to try and help you out then the most important thing would be to make your decision based on whether you like the photographs you see on their page or website, every wedding is different and that's one of the reasons I love to photograph them and of course your wedding will be different too but do the photographs you're looking at match your own personal taste.

Would you be happy with the photographs you see in your wedding album or hanging on the wall in your home?

bride gets a kiss from the groom during the wedding breakfast Eccleston wedding photographer
wedding guests holds up a young boy to look out the window at Eccleston golf course wedding photographer
bride and groom in a gold cart showered in confetti at Eccleston golf course wedding photographer
bride and groom in the grounds at Eccleston golf course wedding photographer


How many weddings have they photographed?

Since the introduction of Digital Cameras anyone can buy a camera, set up a Facebook page or a basic website and call themselves a photographer but it's unlikely without the experience of photographing weddings that you'd be happy with the photographs. Do they know how to handle different situations, what if it rains, what if the timings go out of the window, what if something goes wrong?

Because if they mess up then there won't be a second chance to get it right.

pageboy picking up confetti off the floor haydock park wedding photographer
bride and groom overlook the racecourse from their balcony  haydock park wedding photographer
bride and groom look out over the racecourse from the winning line  haydock park wedding photographer
bride and groom kissing on the wooden stairs at haydock park wedding photographer


What do previous clients say about them?

A good indicator would be to have a look on their Facebook page or have a quick Google, how many reviews are there and what's the rating? I currently have over 50 5 star reviews from happy couples and I've received many thank you cards, emails and most importantly referrals.

I'm incredibly proud each of one and have many testimonials from couples I've photographed.

daughter of the bride sitting on her mums knee wedding dress sprayed out on the floor warrington wedding photographer
bride and groom photographed kissing through reeds warrington wedding photographer
groom hugs the bride on a wooden bridge warrington wedding photographer
bride and grooms first dance warrington wedding photographer


How much do they charge?

Everyone has to start somewhere and so did I, shooting weddings cheaper than I do now, however as my skill and experience increased my prices started to increase to reflect the quality of work I was now producing. So if someone is charging £300 for a 12 hour day shooting your wedding it may seem like an absolute bargain and yes it could just be to gain experience but there's that phrase "you get what you pay for". Equally it could be they're just not a good photographer any more than having a pen makes them a best selling writer, so again I'd say make sure you have a good look at the quality of the work they're producing, are they full weddings and ask yourself, would I really be happy with these photographs in my wedding album? The album will be your legacy and an heirloom to pass on to your Children, Grandchildren and future generations and preserving memories.

Your photographs will be the only investment you make on your wedding day.

bride and groom kiss behind the bouquet liverpool wedding photography
bride and groom look out over the waterfront liverpool wedding photography
bride and groom hold hands and pull a funny face at each other liverpool wedding photography
silhouette of bride and groom on the waterfront liverpool wedding photography


Does it really matter if we get along with our photographer?

I think so yes definitely, it's important to build a rapport because they'll be with you more than any of the other suppliers on the day and after it too. It's important that you trust and have confidence in whoever you choose and get along with them, you'll be able to bounce off each other and relax when you're in front of the camera. As I said earlier, I have a very natural and relaxed approach to capturing your big day, I'm not an overbearing photographer, shouting and ordering everyone around, simply taking a candid approach, blending in and almost as if i were one of your guests.

I really do believe that's the best way to get the best reactions from you and your guests and in turn, you'll absolutely get the best photographs.

bride and groom laughing during the ceremony last drop village wedding photographer
bride and groom on the moorlands at last drop village wedding photographer
flower girl dances to guitarist last drop village wedding photographer
bride sings as the groom is on the mic ast drop village wedding photographer