Everton In The Community

The Enterprise Challenge

man stands uo to give a speech at the premier league enterprise challenge
students gather around a laptop at goodison park
woman laughing while using a laptop as students watch on
lady laughing and chatting at everton in the community event goodison park
lady crouches down to talk to students on a laptop at eitc event
older lady wearing a flat cap talks to teenagers at the eitc event
male student laughing and scratching his head
older man talks to students at eitc event
lady helping out a student on a laptop at everton in the community event
older man looks at a laptop with eitc students
people sitting around a table chatting at eitc event goodison park
teen girl standing behind her friend puts her arms on her shoulders as she uses a laptop
mayor of liverpool meets with students at everton in the community event
student sitting at a table writing at goodison park event
liverpool mayor smiling and chatting to students at eitc event

Trainee Presentations

eitc everton traineeship goodie bags sit on a table ready to be presented
young man sitting next to an everton traineeship sign and football shirt
guests sign into the everton in the community event
young and old guests chatting at the eitc traineeship event
guests chatting before the everton in the community event gets underway
one of the everton traineeships chats with organisers at goodison park
compere takes to the microphone for the presentations
older lady laughing with a young man at goodison park
wide shot of the room during the eitc presentations
man sits on a stretcher in the treatment room at goodison park and gives a speech during the traineeship tour
group gathered in one of the corridors at goodison park
group photograph on the side of goodison park pitch everton

Breakfast Networking Meetings

3 men sit chatting while drinking a cup of coffee during the networking event
man and woman chat over a coffee at goodison park
group stand chatting during the business networking event
men chatting during the breakfast meeting at goodison park
man chats with everton in the community employees
shot of the room during the breakfast meeting at goodison park
businessmen and women networking during the breakfast meeting at goodison park
wide shot of the breakfast networking meeting at goodison park everton
people sit and listen to the presentations at the networking meeting
former everton player and under 23s manager david unsowrth interviewed on tape at the breakfast meeting
businessmen stand and chat at the networking event held at evertons football ground
2 men sit and chat over coffee at the networking event at goodison park
a man and woman stand chatting during the breakfast meeting
2 men stand and chat during the breakfast networking event at goodison park home of everton football club
3 ladies one on crutches chat during the breakfast networking event

National Citizen Service

compere at the national citizens award evening at goodison park
2 girls smiling at the ncs awards evening
young boy and his older brother sitting at a table in one of the suites at evertons goodison park
boy sits with his mum waiting for the ncs awards presentation evening to get underway
girls chatting at the ncs awards event at goodison park
2 ladies chatting during the ncs awards evening
girl smiles at the everton awards event
old lady screws her eyes up as she struggles to see something on her daughters mobile phone
2 young women chatting and smiling at the ncs evening at goodison park
one of the suites at goodison park starts to fill up ready for the ncs awards evening to get underway
wide shot of a full suite at goodison park everton
young man holds up a microphone for a young woman at the ncs awards event
compere takes to the microphone ready to start handing out ncs certificates
teen girl looking shy puts her hand to her mouth as she leans on the back of her chair
young girls lean on the back of their chairs listening to the compere


Everton Football Club is recognised worldwide for the warm, passionate and unbreakable bond it holds with its local community. It is through this special bond that the Club has become known as ‘The People’s Club’, thanks to its relentless efforts to connect with its fans, to give them experiences – on and away from matchdays – they will never forget and through its unrivalled connection with its community through its official charity, Everton in the Community.

The 40 social programmes delivered by Everton in the Community (EitC) throughout Merseyside are the very embodiment of the term, ‘The People’s Club’. The unique and highly-respected connection between Everton Football Club and its wider community is one that is the envy of many Premier League clubs. Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018, Everton in the Community remains an independent ‘not-for-profit' organisation which secures over £2million per annum for community outreach activity. Based in the shadows of Goodison Park in the recently opened ‘People’s Hub’, the charity is committed to the delivery of high-quality, inclusive social development opportunities. Its primary focus initially centred on the delivery of these activities through the power of sport for local Merseyside communities. However, as a direct result of its cumulative success, it has broadened this remit to provide programme activity throughout the North West and North Wales.

Through the cumulative efforts of the charity and Everton Football Club, the lives of many thousands of people across our city region have been enhanced and the Club has been able to reinvest in the ongoing development of those communities that so passionately support the elite game. This delivery has also ensured that Everton in the Community has built extremely respected and valued partnerships with many of Merseyside's other sporting providers, a network which will undoubtedly help to facilitate future growth and success. Everton in the Community has generated significant national and international acclaim and, through this, is considered to have developed and delivered many examples of best practice within the world of community sports provision. Whilst the Club and Everton in the Community are extremely proud of these achievements and their contributions to positive social change, they are totally committed and focused on their future development and their ability to enhance and expand all that they have delivered to date. They are also extremely conscious of the need to ensure that the activity, which they have been responsible for stimulating, is sustainable and self-sufficient.

Everton in the Community works in partnership with many local, national and international partners. Through these broad relationships it has been recognised as one of the leading sports charities in the UK.  Find out more about Everton In The Community by clicking here...

As well as covering events for Everton In The Community I've also taken photographs of Group Discussion Events too.

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Whilst I consider myself lucky being able to do so much work for Everton In The Community on a personal note, I've also I've also been very lucky to meet a few former players at the club at various events, I'd have to say my favourite was attending a Sportsman's Dinner Event, it was great listening to the stories.