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CHET is a hidden gem amidst Liverpool's countryside, It's a small and charming small independent centre situated in a beautiful rural setting encompassing a sprawling 120-acre country estate, conveniently located just 8 miles to the north of Liverpool. This unique center was meticulously created from the 17th-century stables and farm structures of Crosby Hall, a historic residence that has been home to the Blundell family for generations. The Blundell family founded CHET more than 30 years ago and remain fully involved today,

As a small, independent institution, for most of the year CHET provides an inviting and tranquil environment for guests with exclusive use of the entire centre. Their objective was to create an atmosphere in which school groups and their educators can build new and meaningful connections, fostering a fresh perspective on their relationships and interactions. As for weddings, CHET is one of the most exclusive wedding venues I've photographed at, they only host weddings on a very limited number of Saturdays throughout the year, usually capped to 10 at most, this was only the 7th one they'd hosted this year.

drone photo of Crosby Hall and the grounds highlighted by sunlight on a cloudy day. Liverpool Wedding Photographer.
Aerial photograph of the buildings and courtyard at CHET Crosby liverpool wedding venue.
Aerial photograph of the courtyard and buildings at CHET Crosby liverpool wedding venue

As I mentioned, CHET only hosts a very limited amount of weddings a year so don't be expecting anywhere for the Bridal Prep on the wedding morning or for you and your guests to stay over after the Wedding Reception has wound down, there isn't anywhere and you're going to have to make alternative arrangements for that unfortunately, it's a shame really because there's certainly the scope within the grounds to accommodate them but it isn't their main focus throughout the year but if that was the route they decided to go down, it could be a a very special, all in one and self contained wedding venue. The buildings and the grounds are beautiful, cobbled courtyards and old sandstone buildings with well maintained gardens and sprawling fields, lots of opportunities for some stunning wedding photographs and a great space for you and your guests to relax and enjoy.

entrance to the courtyard at Crosby hall on a wedding day. Liverpool wedding photographer. Stuart Morris Photography.
wedding guests relaxing on a sunny day in the courtyard at Crosby hall educational trust. liverpool.
wedding car drives along a country lane bringing the bride and bridesmaids to Crosby hall liverpool.
wedding car pulls up in the courtyard at Crosby hall liverpool wedding venue. Stuart Morris Photography

The Barn

For your Wedding Ceremony you don't need to look any further than the 16th Century converted Great Barn, with its old stonework, arched windows, old style lanterns and a huge oak-beamed ceiling it's breathtaking and provides a romantic setting for your vows. 

wooden arrow sign pointing wedding guests towards the great barn in Chet, Crosby hall liverpool.
the empty great barn at Chet Crosby hall eduction trust. rustic wedding in Crosby Liverpool wedding venue.
wedding guests start to fill up the barn at Crosby hall. rustic wedding venue. liverpool wedding photographer.
smiling bride walks up the aisle to her waiting groom. the great barn at CHET in Crosby Liverpool.
bride escorted by her eldest son smiles as she reaches the groom. the barn, Crosby hall. liverpool wedding photographer.

Planning a smaller wedding?

According to the CHET wedding section on their website, the can accommodate 72 wedding guests during the daytime but to be honest I'd have to say that's got to be at a push, it was pretty full to the point it was standing room only at the back. In my opinion it's definitely better suited for smaller, more intimate weddings as the barn was pretty full and everyone was a little bit squeezed in. That said though, the ceremony is held up on the stage so all of the wedding guests will get a great view as you say your "I Do's".

During the year the Great Barn is host to various concerts and events, hence the elevated stage and huge grand piano on one side and a stone staircase on the other, that along with the celebrant and registrar, it from a photography point of view, it does mean there's limited space and it can be a bit crowded up there for moving around.

bride and groom smiling during the wedding ceremony in the great barn at Crosby hall liverpool wedding photographer.
bride smiles at the groom during the vows at Crosby hall educational trust wedding venue liverpool
bride and groom first kiss. Crosby hall Chet wedding venue. liverpool wedding photographer.
bride and groom sign the register up on the stage in the great barn at Crosby hall. liverpool.
bride and groom stand on the stage at CHET during the wedding ceremony. Crosby liverpool wedding photographer.
woman plays the flute during the wedding ceremony at Crosby hall educational trust liverpool wedding photographer
shot of the bride and groom on stage take from up high on the spiral staircase at CHET Crosby Liverpool
bride and groom walk back up the aisle in the great barn at Crosby hall. liverpool wedding photography
bride and groom covered in confetti at CHET liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
bride and groom walk through confetti tunnel CHET Crosby liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
The Grounds and Gardens at Crosby Hall

There are plenty of reasons why the grounds and gardens of Crosby Hall are great for your relaxed, informal couple portraits wedding photographs.

As well as giving you the chance to take a breather after the ceremony, Crosby Hall is a Grade II* listed building with a rich history, adding a sense of timeless elegance to your wedding photos. The historic architecture and well-preserved surroundings create a unique and charming atmosphere. The grounds offer a variety of settings, from open lawns to secluded corners and intimate spaces allowing us to capture a range of moods and aesthetics in your wedding photos. The gardens at Crosby Hall are meticulously maintained, with lush lawns, vibrant flowerbeds and some quirky surprising features to discover as you're walking around, the manicured gardens provide a romantic and natural setting for wedding photographs. In addition to the gardens, Crosby Hall features historic architectural elements like stone walls, archways, and ornate doorways, it's a real chocolate box for wedding photographers and you're spoiled for choice. So the overall combination of historical charm, well-tended gardens, architectural beauty, seasonal variations and plenty of natural light make the grounds and gardens of Crosby Hall in Liverpool an excellent choice for capturing beautiful and memorable wedding photographs.

CHET is a lovely, intimate little wedding venue with plenty of opportunities for photographs and with a little thought and consideration has bags of potential. If the owners decided to go for it (and I really hope they do!) this could be an absolute gem of a wedding venue in future.

bride and groom walk in the gardens at CHET crosby Liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
brides veil blowing in the wind in the grounds at CHET. Crosby Liverpool Wedding Photographer.Stuart Morris Photography
bride and groom kiss in the gardens ar crosby hall Liverpool wedding venue.Stuart Morris Photography
bride touches the grooms chest. portrait photos in the gardens at crosby hall liverpool.
bride & grooms relaxed couple portraits. crosby hall gardens. liverpool wedding photographer. Stuart Morris Photography

Here's a few more from the recent wedding I photographed at CHET, Crosby, Liverpool.
wedding reception at CHET liverpool wedding venue Stuart Morris Photography
wedding guests playing giant Connect 4 CHET liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
giant connect 4 at Crosby Liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
young boy in high heels at CHET wedding Liverpool
Groom and wedding guests in the courtyard at CHET crosby Liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
Bride and wedding guests CHET liverpool courtyard Stuart Morris Photography
Wedding guests dancing at CHET crosby Liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
Bride and Groom first dance at CHET near Formby Liverpool
Wedding guests dancing at CHET Crosby Liverpool Stuart Morris Photography
Wedding guests on the CHET dance floor Liverpool Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom dancing CHET liverpool wedding photographer
Natural relaxed wedding photography for anyone that doesn't like having their photograph taken.


CHET Crosby Hall Educational Trust, Back Ln, Crosby, Little Crosby, Liverpool L23 4UA