The Client Gallery Area

Recent weddings

Here you'll find all of the client galleries from recent weddings, just use the personal password and download pin that I included in your email to sign in to your own secure client gallery, every gallery has their own password so don't worry about anyone seeing your photographs that you don't want to! You can then download your wedding photographs directly, straight from your gallery and you can choose your favourite photographs to go in your wedding album.

You can share the gallery with your family and friends and as well as both of you, they'll also be able order traditional photo prints in a variety of sizes or from a range of stunningly beautiful Italian wall art (by Graphistudio) from the online store as well delivered straight to their home. So if there's a nice picture any of your guests on the day there's the added bonus that they'll get to see them immediately, they can order a print without having to ask you for the file and all at their own leisure and it will also then save you having to show them all the next time you see them. It's such a shame that so many great photographs are left on a USB stick or electronic device rather than being printed and shown off to your guests.

A photograph always looks better when it's professionally printed and all done from the convenience of your home computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Why print?

It is such a shame that many people simply downloading their wedding photographs on to a USB memory stick and the end up shoving them away in a drawer or a cupboard or even just leaving them sat on your various electronic devices. Each one of your photographs has been individually edited on a colour-calibrated monitor using professional software to ensure the colours are absolutely correct and that what you will see in each physical, professionally printed photo are as was intended in the editing process. Screens vary so much from one device to the next that the chance of yours matching the colours is very unlikely and the same can be said for printing too, prints can vary from one printer to the next. Yeah you could go to Max Spielmann or the local supermarket and I'm sure you'll get a nice print of your favourite photograph but again, the chances are the colour profile will be very different and the colours will vary considerably from what you see on your screen to what you're holding in your hand. If you want the best possible prints using only on the highest quality paper, with colours as they were intended ordering an album or wall art from my supplier, Graphistudio is a great way to ensure your photographs will look their best, as intended.

You can take a look at just some of the Wall Art and Wedding Storybook Album options available to you.