Chester Wedding Photography• Gemma & Dave 28.09.2018

It's the first time I've shot at Thorton Hall Hotel, it's a great venue with a choice of licensed suites or if the weather is kind you can opt for an outdoor wedding in their Garden Pagoda and Arbour. Gemma and Dave went for the newly refurbished Crystal Suite, a luxury art-deco room with stunning crystal chandeliers and colur changing lighting with views over the garden terrace. The day started with a few bridal prep shots, Gemma was all chilled and smiles amongst the chaos, I don't think I've seen as many people in one room for prep before, it's certainly up there with the busiest ones anyway. It wasn't that disimilar when I nipped across the courtyard to where Dave had stayed over the night before, the lads were hanging around outside when i arrived enjoying a late summer's day and the last of the lovely weather but it wasn't long before his room was chock-full of Groomsmen finishing off getting ready, last minute prep and having a quick drink to settle the nerves of course including their young lads wanting to join in and get their hands on a beer too. The Gents stylish suits were supplied by Suit Direct. As the lads headed off to wait in the Crystal Suite I went back to Gemma as she finished off getting ready, helped into her beautiful wedding dress from Dorothy Rose Bridal Boutique in Ellesmere Port by one of her friends. It's always emotional when a Dad sees his daughter in her dress for the first time and this was no exception, it always guarantees a tear in the eye. The Bridesmaids looking pretty in pink wearing dresses from Crystal Dresses while everyone's hair and makup was taken care of by Sarah Ratcliffe and the girls from Thornton Hall Spa. Dave patiently waiting in the Crystal Room for his Bride, their young daughters, Milly and Poppy, both Flower Girls along with the young Page Boy led the way followed by Gemma and her Dad, Poppy almost stealing the show by running back up the aisle to greet her mum.

bestman and the bride's grandad laughing during the groom prep

groom helping the best man fix his hankerchief in his suit pocket

best man helps the groom put on his wedding jacket

one of the groomsmen hands a young lad a bottle of beer

groom holds a buttonhole in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other

bride sitting calmly having her hair done with chaos all around her

bride and mother of the bride stand side by side wearing dressing gowns with their titles on the back

mother of the bride fastens the buttonhold to the young pageboys jacket

bride stepping into her wedding dress

one of the wedding guests helps fasten the back of the brides dress

young boy in a waistcoat shirt and tie admires himself in the mirror

father of the bride gives his daughter a big hug after seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time

bride and her father walk down the stairs at thornton hall

one of the groomsmen sitting waiting for the bride to arrive

close of of the groom standing with his hands behind his back

groom smiling and looking relaxed waiting for the bride

a groomsman helps the brides grandad fasten his cufflinks

groom and best man having a laugh waiting for the bride

groom pulls a nervous face as the bride arrives

pageboy smiling carries the ring cushion down the aisle

flowergirls follow the pageboy down the aisle looking for mum and dad

bride and her father walk down the aisle as the little flowergirl runs back to see them

bride smiles as she links arms with her father walking down the aisle

close up of the bouquets held by the 3 young bridesmaids all standing in a line

black and white photograph of the bride as she smiles at the registrar

groom slides the wedding ring onto the brides finger

mother of the bride standing between the couple in the background filming the wedding on her moblie phone

bride and groom share a first kiss as husband and wife

After the ceremony we headed into the grounds of Thornton Hall to get some more formal photographs, it was great working with, around and alongside Neil Harris Videography, this guy has some cracking stories to tell, thoroughly recommended. As well using the gounds to get those formal shots I mentioned we were also lucky enough to have an amazing collection of vintage Bentley's as unexpected guests on the day so we just had to make the most of it. After a quick word with some of the owners Gemma and Dave were allowed to have their photograph taken with them and even lucky enough to be allowed to sit in one, not that I'm jealous at all! You can see a few more photos of these fantastic cars here. Anyway that's enough about the cars, back to the wedding and the speeches. It's always good fun to listen to the stories and see the Bride and Groom squirming with embarrassment but the one thing you don't expect afterwards is one of the waiters falling head over heels whilst carrying a load of cutlery, getting up looking sheepish then bursting into song and getting the whole room up dancing. Another first for me, Paul from the brilliant Silver Service Singing Waiters had one guest running over to check he was ok before realising what was happening and joining in with him and belting out a tune. It didn't take very long for everyone else to join in and soon there was a conga around the room going on, great entertainment as the napkins were frantically whirled around heads to the song, I love you baby...!

bride and groom take a stroll in the grounds of thornton hall hotel

bride and groom kiss on the path leading to the garden pavillion

bride and her young daughter looking lovingly at each other under the wedding veil

brides bouquet resting on the hood of a vintage bentley

bride and groom trying out sitting in a vintage bentley

bride and groom kissing while standing in front of a vintage bentley outside thornton manor

bride and groom smiling as they are introduced to their guests as mr and mrs bradley before the wedding breakfast

mother of the bride smiling as she videos on her mobile phone


father of the bride looks over his glasses during his wedding speech

brides grandad smiling during the wedding speeches

father of the bride reads his speech of a sheet  of paper in his hand

brides grandad raises a glass of champagne in a toast to the newlyweds

groom reading his wedding speech of a piece of notepaper

brides father and grooms mother laughing during the wedding speeches

brides father laughing at the grooms speech as the grooms smiles

bride puts her hand over her eyes in embarrassment during the grooms wedding speech

bride puts both hands over her face in embarrassment during the grooms wedding speech

bride looks shocked and her father laughs during the grooms wedding speech

bride puts her hands to the side of her head embarrassed during the grooms speech

close up of the top table place card with the bride and groom out of focus in the background

young boy poses with a green lips whistle at the wedding breakfast

one of the waiters trips and falls over dropping cutlery on the floor

singing waiter puts his foot up on the table in front of wedding guests

one of the wedding guests singing into the mic

wedding guests laughing and smiling at the silver service singing waiter

singing waiter with a coy expresison entertains the wedding guests

silver service singing waiter belts one out into the microphone

one of the wedding guests singning at the top of her voice

young bridesmaids claps her hands above her head to the singing waiter


bride and groom dance together during the singing waiters performance

top table up dancing during the silver service singing waiters performance

older couple up dancing to the singing waiter

wedding guests in a group dancing and smiling

young boy sitting on the father of the brides shoulders

wedding guests up dancing to the singing waiters performance

silver service singing waiter points at the camera through a crowded group of wedding guests

singing waiter looks directly at the camera and sings into the microphone

2 female wedding guests get the brides grandad up dancing

brides elderly grandad waves his hands in the air dancing to the singing waiter

bride and groom and wedding guests twirling napkins around their heads during the singing waiters performance

singing waiter swings a napkin around while singing i love you baby

wide shot of all the wedding guests twirling napkins around their heads during the singing waiters performance of i love you baby

bridesmaid waves a napkin around in the air

close up of the engagement and wedding rings resting in a flower in the brides bouquet

After the singing we headed back outside for a few quick night shots before the first dance, Gemma had wanted some shots in the lovely garden arch but we couldn't resist the chance for them to jump back in one of the Bentley's first. When we'd finished outside we headed back in for the cake cutting, the cake made by Time for Tea and Cakes looked almost too good to cut, I loved the cake topper... FINALLY MR & MRS!!

bride and groom share a kiss at night in a vintage bentley

bllack and white shot of the bride and groom standing in the metal pergola in the gardens of thornton hall

bride and groom kissing under the pergola iin thornton hall gardens

bride and groom under the metal pergola in the gardens of thornton hall

flower girl plays with a beach ball on the dancefloor

young girl plays an inflatible guitar on the dancefloor at thornton hall

brides son heelps himself to a bag of sweets from the sweet trolley

little boy wearing giant pink and blue sunglasses sits on a beach ball and eats a cupcake

pageboy wearing an inflatible crown holding a pom pom on the dancefloor

close up of the flowers on the wedding cake

bride and groom cutting the wedding cake on the dancefloor at thornton hall

bride feeds the groom a piece of wedding cake

bride and groom lick their lips eating wedding cake

bride and groom take to the dancefloor for their first dance

bride and groom kissing on the danceflooor at thornton hall

confetti cannon covers the newlyweds on the dancefloor during their first dance


bride and father of the bride having a father daughter dance as the wedding guest watch on