Chester Wedding Photography • Donna & Jude 30.11.2018

Just a short wedding day for Donna & Jude's big day, starting with the last of the bridal prep and a few photographs of Donna and the girls making the most of the strange, quirky wedding venue that is Odd Fellows but more on that a bit later on. After the ladies had posed for a few photos I had a pretty fast 5 minute walk through the beautiful, historic Chester city centre to meet up with Jude and to beat Donna who was jumping into a beautiful vintage Rolls Royce for her ride to the registrars office. It's not very often the Bride arrives before the Groom but Jude was having a spot of bother parking in town so Donna ended up having a drive around the block a few times to give him a chance to park up and get there before Donna. It was a bit of a mission making sure they didn't see each other before the ceremony but everyone managed to smuggle Jude into the registrars office while Donna's Chauffeur was given the nod to drive her up to the front door. After the ceremony everyone headed back to Odd Fellows for drinks at the reception and sit down meal in the brilliantly Mad Hatters Tea Party themed room, complete with a fully set upside down table, chairs and even a floor lamp, a full tea party stuck to the ceiling! A giant round table for all your guests to chat over a lovely meal an decor completed with tea pots and March hares complete the Alice in Wonderland theme, it really is one quirky place. Oddfellows Hall was originally a town house built in 1676 for Lady Mary Calverley and taking from Odd Fellows own website, "Odd fellows takes inspiration from a society for the Odd fellows, those who can’t be categorized. We’re inspired by those people, the ones who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd or take the road less travelled – who live a life full of character and charm. Once a society for the misfits in society, the creative professions and all those who didn't quite fit in a box. It inspired interiors that delight the senses and a feel for fun that never takes itself too seriously. "It's well worth a visit if you're ever in the city centre, if it's a lovely day you can take advantage of the fantastic rooftop terrace The Grown Up Bar or if the weather is a bit wet then downstairs in The Potting Shed, a covered area with a garden theme and outdoor fires to keep warm, just brilliant. I've already mentioned the amazing Tea Room but for a bigger space there's "The Grown Up" an individually designed private room with contemporary chandeliers and dramatic Georgian windows letting in heaps of natural daylight.  A fabulously flexible function room with a modern aesthetic combined with lots of lovely period features and best of all, it's adjacent to the Grown Up Bar. Call in, have a drink and something to eat. spend the night. You won't regret it!

bride and her bridesmaids getting ready at odd fellows chester

brides bouquet sitting on the side tableat odd fellows chester

bride helps one of the bridesmaids put on her navy shrug over her red dress

brides costomised ruby shoo blue wedding shoes with white spots and a flower on top

bride poses holding her bouquet outside her hotel room door at odd fellows chester

bride and her 3 bridesmaids laughing and joking in the potting shed at odd fellows hotel chester

bridesmaids laughing in the garden at odd fellows chester

bride and her bridesmaid daughter pose for a photo on the staircase balcony at odd fellows

bride and bridesmaids sitting on a chaise lounge at odd fellows chester

on of the bridesmaids the brides daughter carrying her bouquet stops to chat on the stairs next to the christmas tree at odd fellows

bridesmaids waiting in the doorway at the entrance to odd fellows as the bride stands be her car talking to the chauffeur

bride arrives at the chester registrars office in a white vintage rolls royce

photograph of the brides foot as she steps out of the vintage rolls royce in her ruby shoo wedding shoes

close up of the bridesmaids bouquets as they sit next to each other in a row

brides grandson the pageboy peeps over the chairs in the registrars office

little pageboys red converse trainers worn with smart trousers

young pageboy in a shirt and tie waistcoat and smart trousers wearing converse trainers looking cheeky in the registrars office

groom laughs and chats with the brides sons at the registrars office

bride and groom smiling as they see each other for the first time at the registrars office in chester

brides father sits on his own holding the bouquet in chester registrars office

bride links arms with her father before he gives her away

close up of the bride and groom holding hands shot through flowers on the registrars table in chester

bride laughs and the groom smiles in chester registrars office

bride and groom stand facing each other behind flowers on the registrars table

shot between the bride and groom over their shoulder of the brides son giving a reading during the ceremony

close up of the bride sliding the ring onto the grooms finger

bride and groom share a first kiss as husband and wife in chester registrars office

groom watches as the bride sits down to sign the register

brides daughter carries her son and the bouquet after the ceremony

bride and groom smiling at each other as the bride signs the register

bride and groom kiss over the register

black and white photo of the newlyweds rolls royce as it pulls up back outside odd fellows chester

bride holding her bouquet kisses the groom in the back of the wedding car

bride and groom in the doorway of odd fellows chester with the vintage rolls royce behind them

bride and groom take a glass of champagne at odd fellows chester to celebrate tying the knot

bridesmaid sitting on the stairs at odd fellows chester and gives the thumbs up to the camera


newlyweds sitting at a table in front of a padded white leather wall

newlyweds take a walk through the garden at odd fellows chester

sponge wedding cake with hand made bride and groom cake topper and flowers matching the bouquets on the side table in the tea room at odd fellows

upside down photograph of the tea room at odd fellows with a full dinner set stuck to the ceiling

fully set dinner table and chairs upside down and stuck to the ceiling at odd fellows chester

march hare ornaments on the dining table along with flowers to match the bridal bouquets

the newlyweds pose ready to cut the wedding cake in the tea room at odd fellows hotel chester

brides daughter poses with her son and partner

bridesmaid smiles at the bride during the drinks reception

bride holding her bouquet smiles and chats to her bridesmaids

bride and grooms wedding rings inscribed with the word forever photographed in a flower in the brides bouquet

bride and groom stand up and give a joint speech as her son watches and listens

bridesmaid daughter and partner smile during the wedding speech

waitress holds a bottle of rose between the brides son and mother in the tea room at odd fellows