Liverpool Wedding Photography• Becky & Richard 18.08.2018

Always nice to get a local wedding and the Mercure Hotel Haydock couldn't be much closer to home! It's one of my favourite venues to shoot at and not just because it's on my doorstep, the staff are great, the food is great and whichever room you chose for your reception, whether it's in the marquee or one of the suites you won't be disappointed and there's some great spots to get theose special photographs of you both. The weather had been absolutely rubbish since the heatwave ended in July and it really wasn't looking good running up to the big day, wet and windy all week but Becky and Richard got lucky on the day and the sun came out just for them! I wasn't there for the Bridal Prep but Becky and the girls' makeup was all taken care of by Laura Hitchen Makeup while Louise and Katie took care of the hair. Becky's gorgeous dress was supplied by Creation Weddings in Wigan and the Bridesmaids dresses from That Special Day while Richard and the lad's wedding attire was supplied by Moss Bros. It was nice to see something a bit different for the bouquet and the buttonholes and the colours tied in well with the Bridesmaids dresses, the floral arrangements were by Lillyellas Floral Boutique. I have to give a special mention to the amazing Matty Bibby Mystery Magician, this guy is GOOD!! He wowed and conused the wedding guests with a series of card tricks, I have absolutely no idea how he does it, just brilliant! Another special mention to Anna Renae for treating the guests to a beautiful acoustic set with just a guitar and Anna's voice, there's something very special about live music, especially for your first dance.Best wishes for the future to you both!

Bridesmaid helps groom put on his buttonhole

wide shot of a room full of wedding guests at the mercure hotel haydock

bride links arm with her father as they start to walk up the aisle

bride smiling at the groom as they are about to marry

bridesmaids sit down and watch the happy couple tie the knot

all smiles as the groom slides the ring on the brides finger

close up of the bride putting a ring on the grooms finger

bride and groom smiling and holding hands as they say their vows

shot from the back of the room as the bride and groom sign the register

bride and groom under a large stained glass domed window in the ceiling walking back up the aisle

bride holds a baby as the baby grips the grooms finger

bride bends down and holds hands with a young girl and boy

bride and groom stand in front of their white mercedes wedding car parked in front of the mercure hotel haydock

shot through a water fountain of the bride and groom stood in front of the wedding car outside the mercure hotel haydock

wedding guests shower the bride and groom in ablizzard of confetti

bride holds her hand to her mouth laughing with the groom as the last of the confetti falls

older lady wedding guest takes a photograph of her husband with their young grandaughter sitting on his knee

older lady sitting with a full pint of guiness in her hand

grooms father holding up half a pint and wearing his wife's wedding hat

bride bends down to talk to a young girl in the garden of the mercure hotel haydock

group of male wedding guests stand around chatting in the garden of the mercure hotel haydock

young boy jumps off a garden bench as another boy climbs up to follow him

bridesmaid takes a photo of the bouquet on her phone

bridesmaid makes some careful adjustments to the brides hair

two young boys wearing bow ties chase each other around the garden at the mercure hotel haydock

big smiles from a young girl in the garden of the mercure hotel haydock

wedding co-ordinator hands the microphone to the best man ready for his wedding speech

best man smiles and looks at the groom during his wedding speech

magician fans out playing cards as he shows the wedding guest a magic trick

young boy and an older lady at the wedding with huge smiles as the magician finishes his card trick

young  boy watches intently as the magician shuffles a pack of cards

magician holds the jack of spades in his hand as a wedding guests hides a card tightly between his hands

one of the bridesmaids holds up her chosen card during the magic trick

huge smile from the bridesmaid as the magician finishes his card trick

young girl looks amazed as she holds her caard in her hand during a magic trick

magician wows the bride and groom with a card trick


bride and groom look at each other in amazement as the magician finishes his card trick


2 yoing boys lying on the picnic bench in the garden of the mercure hotel haydock

bride and groom walk down the path along the side of the mercure hotel haydock

bride and groom walking down the path at the side of the mercure hotel haydock

bride and groom hand in  hand walk along the path at the mercure hotel haydock

bride and groom facing each other looking down and holding hands

groom standing behind the bride and kisses her on her shoulder

brides friend plays the acoustic guitar and sings for their first dance

bride smiles at her husband as the wedding guests fill in around the side of the dancefloor

smiles from the bride and groom during the first dance

wedding guests join the bride and groom on the dancefloor