Cheshire Wedding Photography• Krysia & James 09.06.2018

Krysia and Jay had a stunning beach wedding over in Holguin, Cuba back in April this year and yes I did ask if they needed a photographer over there, worth a try eh! A destination wedding is defintely on my things to do list, so not jealous at all. They decided to have a party back in Warrington at Pier Points for all their friends and family that couldn't make it the nearly 4 1/2 thousand miles to the sun. Everyone seemed to have a great time though, huge congratulations Mr & Mrs Morrow. No suppliers to tag on this wedding.


Rustic hessian table decorations

Guests arriving for the wedding reception


Cute page boy wearing trendy glasses, bow tie and braces

Young boy covers his ears because of loud music

Bride looking happy welcomes and chats with her wedding guests

little boy sitting on the dancefloor rubbing his nose and looking cheky

cute young pageboy sitting on the floor laughing with his brother


Mother of the Bride holding the flower girl in her arms

Bride holding the flower girl in one arm and giving her a drink of fruit shoot


Bride on the dancefloor with her bridesmaids pageboy and flower girl

Bride pulls her wedding dress up to adjust her bust


Father of the Bride sharing a laugh with his daughter


Bride kneels down to play clap hands with the little flower girl

Page Boy peeps over brides shoulder as she carries him around

Flower girls sitting on the dancefloor sulking and pulling a face

Bridesmaid crouches down to dance with the little flower girl

Bridesmaid hitches up her dress and kicks back her leg showing off her heels



Bridesmaid and one of the wedding guests crack open a bottle of wine

Photobooth masks hats signs and sunglasses  sitting on the table ready




wedding guests going through a selection of photographs on the table

Wedding guests sitting around the table taking a selfie

Young girl laughing shows a picture she's taken on her phone


Pageboy struggling to open a sweet jar on the candy cart

Children and adults crowding around the candy cart

Big smile from a Bridesmaid carrying the pageboy holding a lollipop

Bridemaid fighting the children for sweets at the candy cart

Young girl takes a self using a snapchat filter



Bride flicks through a photobook given as a wedding present

Pagebooy wearing a gold crown one of the photo booth props

Young boy wearing giant green and blue sunglasses waiting for the photobooth

Little boy wearing an American Policemans hat grabs some big red sunglasses


One of the wedding guests sits at the table and enjoys a beer

One of the wedding guests eating a giant marshmallow





Man sitting at the table on his phone looking bored

Bride holding the microphone in one hand and her thank you speech in the other

Bride gives a bunch of flowers to say thank you

Bride and Bridesmaid hugging each other duing the thank you speech

3 little boys sitting on the stage 1 of them waves at the camera

Bridesmaid plants a kiss on the Grooms cheek


Brides mum gets a bunch of flowers and the Brides Dad gets a hug


Father of the bride gives his daughter a hug

Father of the Bride and the Bride have a father daughter dance

Big smiles from the bride during the father daughter dance

Smoke fills the dancefloor as the Brides Dad dances



Bride Bridemaids and parents up dancing to Come On Eileen

Big smile form the Bride while she's up dancing



Young girl tries on some giant purple sunglasses one of photo booth

Girl looks in the mirror as she tries on a gold crown one of the photo booth props

Little girl wearing a gold crown and a big smile hold up a pair of bunny ears


Young girl poses in a cowboy hat and heart shaped sunglasses




Young girl eating a big piece of chcocolate fudge cake has it all around her face

Little flowergirl looks down at the brides dress as she's standing on it

Cute little flower girl looks up at the bride while standing on the back of her dress

2 little boys make shapes up on the dancefloor


Flower girl looking cheeky with her finger in her mouth with bridesmaids on the dance floor

Page boy holding hands with another boy wrestling each other

Bridesmaid tries on a pilots hat photobooth prop

Bridesmaid holds up a black masquerade ball mask to her eyes

Bridesmaid and guests try on various photobooth props

Wedding guest laughing wearing a gold plastic  crown for a photobooth photo


Bridesmaid tries on grey fluffy bunny ears for a photobooth shot

Wedding guests holding a best wedding ever photobooth sign

Bride poses wearing giant purple sunglasses for the photobooth

Little boy looking worried clings on tight to his mum on the dancefloor

Bridesmaid pulls a funny face wearing a masquerade ball mask and red feather boa


Little flower girl crying very loudly by the photobooth really not happy


Trying out light streaks with girls and boys dancing on the dancefloor



Wedding guests trying on photobooth props

wedding guest wearing a crown and a pink tie and another man wearing an american policemans hat

man wearing a cowboy hat and pink tie holds his son wearing a black top hat wait for the photobooth

girl pulls a funny face wearing big green and blue sunglasses and a big yellow tie with pink spots and blue stars

2 young girls dancing with blue dj light streaks dragging shutter

Young boy with his fingers in his mouth pulling a face standing in front of the djs smoke machine

Girl wearing a pink dress sits on her dads knee dad has his arms aound her

Boy being held by his mum wearing a gold plastic crown waiting in line for the photobooth

Young boy lying on the floor peeking under the photo booth curtain





Ladies up on the dancefloor with dj lights streaks


Women holding hands dancing with dj lights




mum holds her young sons ankles while he's in the wheelbarrow position

Young boy face plants after doing the wheelbarrow position

little boy cuddles into his mum after falling and hurting himself



Young pageboy lies on the floor and on the back of his mums wedding dress

little pageboy goes for a ride lying on the back of his mums wedding dress

little page boy lying on the floor hanging onto his mums wedding dress with one hand


Bride dancing and doing the superman to Soulja Boy's Crank That song



Bride points to the sky dancing with her bridesmaid