Cheshire Wedding Photography• Tracey & Gary 17.03.2018

Tracey & Gary, if there was ever a couple that's meant to be together it's these two, you can tell by looking at them just how much they love each other. It was the middle of March but it was absolutely brass monkeys on the day with frequent snow showers and bitterly cold winds so we didn't get to go the local beauty spot for some scenic shots and even heading onto the pitch it was unfortunatley just too cold to stay out there for long, so thanks for that The Beast From The East II, not that the weather dampened the spirits though!! It was great to work with the talented Rebecca Gregory Makeup & Dermaplaning once again, Rebecca was the makeup artist at a wedding I shot last year at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, for Sarah and Gary's Liverpool City Centre Wedding. The ladies hair was in the very capable hands of Ellen Milner Hairdressing while Tracey and the Bridesmaids all wore beautiful dresses from The Bridal Path Liverpool and lovely bouquets and flowers supplied by Daisy Chain in Widnes. Transport from home to the venue in a gorgeous silver Mercedes Benz provided by Mike Pile. The venue itself, Halton Stadium is a great place for tying the knot if you're from around the Widnes area, it's well worth checking it out if you hadn't considered it. With smaller rooms for more intimate weddings to larger receptions they've got it covered and the staff there are fantastic, they go out of their way to ensure you celebrate your day the way you want it and with little touches like your names up in lights on the stadium scoreboard. Not forgetting to mention the fantastic room dressing, all taken care of by AngelaChicks On Wheels, fromt he table dressing to Tracey and Gary's giant initials in lights, the room looked just great. Best wishes for the future to you both, you deserve it and thank you for letting me be a part of your day.


hairdresser spraying hairspray

pageboy and dad coming in the front door covered in snow


bride squeezes her grandsons cheeks

brides son and grandson sitting on the couch playing with the ipad

makeup artist touching up bridesmaids eyes

mum watching her daughter having her makeup done

mum gives her daughter a bridesmaid gift

bridesmaid gives the bride a kiss to say thank you for her present

big smile from the bridesmaid

groom wearing lover you forever cufflinks with the wedding date on them

groom and best man chillling at home before the ceremony


groom getting dressed ready to set off

everyone laughing while trying to put the button holes on

groom looking in the mirror to adjust his tie

brides parents old wedding album


pageboy wearing minion socks

pageboy peeping from behind his mum while she puts his shoes on

pageboy wiating to set off having a play on mums mobile

brides kids posing for a photo

a sipped glass of prosecco sitting on the worktop

mum gives son a peck on the cheek

Cheers! bride and bridesmaid clink glasses


bride and bridesmaid reflected in a glass table

bride flashes her wedding garter

brides son gives his mum a peck on the cheek

bride helped out of the wedding car

bride showing her friend a remembrance charm on the bouquet

brides son fastening a button on the wedding dress

groom and best man waiting for the bride to arrive

bridal party walking up the aisle

groom smiling lovingly at his bride


bride and groom standing at the altar, well the front of the room!

groom admires his bride


bride and groom tightly holding hand with each other

bride and groom laughing at the pageboy as he brings the rings up

groom slides the ring on his brides finger

groom laughs while he says his vows

bride and groom hug as mr and mrs

first kiss for the bride and groom

Congratulations message flashes up on the the widnes vikings scoreboard

grooms dad laughing with the wedding guests

wedding guests taking photographs of the bride and groom

Bride and Groom about to walk up the aisle as husband and wife

the happy couple getting covered in confetti

bride and groom being congratulated


all smiles as the couple make their way up the aisle


wedding confetti lands on the shoulder of the groom

bride and the wedding guests sit in the dugout at Halton Stadium


big hug for the groom from one of the guests

light up love letters shot through fairylights

wedding cake pretty cupcakes with lace cake cases on a cake stand

father of the bride remembrance locket in the brides bouquet

floral arrngements on the top table


wedding guests pose for a photograph

wedding guests chatting



pageboy pinching the tablecloth of the table


pageboys mum changes her sons outfit

wedding guests admire the wedding bouquet


theres something behind your ear, best man sticks a straw behind his ear


groom stocking up on drinks carrying bottles of peroni


brides mum drinking wine and chatting to a guest at the bar

mum and sin taking a selfie at the wedding #weddingselfie


mum and  bride having a big hug


kids playing around on the dancefloor

little girl laughing at the boys skidding on the dancefloor

bride wiping a tear from the eye during the wedding speech

groom working through his wedding speech

bride crying with laughter during the speech

bride wipes a tear from her eye


bridesmaid pulls a face during the speeches

shock and laughter during the grooms speech


bridesmaid cheers during the wedding speech


brides son and best man laughing at the grooms speech

wedding guest that got the couple together wipes a tear from her eye during the wedding speeches

bride looks up at her husband during his speech

brides son rubs his chin during the best man speech

groom laughs at the best man


bride and groom laugh at the best man

bridesmaid laughs and puts her hands on her head during the best mans speech


brides son laughs and claps hands at the best mans funny speech

sandwiches and cake treats for the wedding breakfast

best man looking smart wearing a fascinator

pageboy playing with his wedding gift a dinosaur truck

wedding guest in a st patrick day guiness hat

bride and groom sharing a joke together

bride gives her son a thank you wedding gift and gets a kiss on the cheek

bride giving out gifts and gets a hug from the bridesmaid

groom gives his bride a kiss on the lips

best man opens his wedding gift while the bridesmaid and brides son look on laughing

grooms father gives the bride a big hug

wedding guest shot through a beer pump laughing

guest wearing a paddys day hat

bridesmaid tries to take a selfie witht her boy but hes not looking

bride and groom get out on the stands for a photograph

bride and groom cuddles on the leather couch

bride and groom kisses on a big red leather sofa

little girl playing with her friend on the floor

photograph with the reflection of the rings and bouquet

choosing what you fancy at the chocolate fountain

chocolate running of marshmallows at the chocolate fountain



man sneaks up behind and hugs a wedding guest

St Patricks Day Irish bar sign and lights

kids being swung around on the dancefloor

kids dancing around on the dancefloor

little girl being spun around in the air

children showning the adults how its done on the dancefloor

little girl being twirled around on the dancefloor

bridesmaid dancing with kids in her arms

bridemaid and children having a good time dancing

older gentleman dancing his socks off

bride fist pumping while the groom is on the mic

the first dannce as newlyweds

bride and groom dancing

bride and groom touch heads during the first dance

newlyweds laughing during the first dance

hugs on the dancefloor

fiarylights lighting the happy couple

smiles during the first dance



bride sings at the top of her lungs






coupple dancing close together

pageboy hitches a ride on dads shoulders

dancing on your dads shoulders

older gent throwing some shapes

high fives on the dancefloor