Lancashire Wedding Photography• Emma & Rob 18.05.2018

Luckily I don't get the call to cover a wedding with only 2 hours notice very often, thank goodness! Poor Emma & Rob's photographer was stuck on the M6 back in May this year and asked if there were any local photographers that could help out in case he didn't get there on time. I quickly got ready, threw my stuff in the car and headed off. I managed to get some shots of the Groom waiting at church and then Emma as she arrived. Emma was just about to walk up the aisle when their photographer arrived! I worked with him getting a few shots from different angles and vantage points as the vicar asked us to only shoot from towards the back of the church, something worth asking your own vicar if you're planning on a church wedding! Anyway ass I say it doesn't happen too often but it's a wedding photographers worst nightmare, not being there on time and there's only so long a Bride can get away with drving around the block and being late! (No supplier info for this one unfortunately.)


Outside view of St.Michael's church, Aughton near Ormskirk, Lancashire

Best Man takes a photo outside of St.Michael's church, Aughton

Wedding guests crossing the road to church

Groomsmen walking through the church grounds

Groom and son walking up the path to church

Bell Ringer pulling a face before the ceremony

Groomsmen standing in the aisle waiting for the Bride

Groom's Mum and Dad waiting outside the church door

Groom with his arm around his son in the church doorway.

Best Man standing in the church doorway.

Groom and Son waiting in church for the Bride

groom leans on a church pew chatting with parents.

Groomsmen standing around chatting inside St.Michael's church Aughton near Ormskirk.

groom and son waiting for the Bride to arrive just inside the church doorway

Young Groomsman smiling at his dad in the church doorway

wedding guests walking through the church doorway.

Groom's son looks outside through the church doorway

Young Groomsman looks up and smiles at his Dad just inside the church.

Wedding ushers hand out order of service standing in the church doorway.

One of the Ushers holds up an order of service

Best Man and Groom chat in in the church doorway/

Groom and Groomsmen stand chatting while waiting for the Bride to arrive.

Groom and Groomsmen waiting in the church doorway for the Bride.

Usher smiling at the groom in the doorway to St.Michael's Church Aughton, Ormskirk.

Groom leaning on the church pew and chats to one of his Groomsmen.

Groom's father sitting at the end of the church pew.

Groom looking back up the aisle towards the back of the church.

Groom looking nervous anxiously waiting for the Bride to arrive.


bridesmaid walking back down the church path to meet the bride

Bride arrives at church and her father helps her step out of the VW Camper.

Wedding Decor flowers on the front of the vw campervan.

Wedding detail shot of the Bride holding her bouquet.

Bride gives her dad a quick peck on the cheek outside the Campervan.


Vicar looks out of the church door and waiting for the bride.

bridesmaid wearing pink and smilng as she walks up the aisle.


Bride and father of the bride walk arm in arm up the aisle.

Shot of the Bride and Groom taken from the back of the church.

Vicar loolks like he's picking his nose while reading a sermon.

Shot of the Bride and Groom at the altar taken from behind.

Groom holding his arm behind his back at the altar.

vicar reads a verse from the bible standing in front of the Bride and Groom.

Bride and Groom at the altar during the ceremony.

Low shot from the back of the church of the bride and groom standing at the altar.

Bride and Groom holding hands at the altar in front of the vicar.

Bride smiles at the Groom in front of the Vicar.

Bride and Groom hold hands and smile at each other

Bride and Groom sharing their first kiss as Husband and Wife.

Mr and Mrs first kiss as husband and wife.


Bride and Groom share a first kiss as newlyweds

Newlyweds sharing a smile after their first kiss

Vicaar blessed the newlyweds as the videographer records the moment.

A male wedding guest gives a reading during the wedding ceremony

Bride sitting on a church pew smiling

A female weding guest gives a reading during the ceremony

Profile shot of the Bride and Groom sitting on a church pew.

Young boy leans on his mum in church.

Black and white shot of the order of service left on the church pew

low shot of the bride and groom standing at the altar as the vicar blesses them

Bride and Groom hold hands at the altar

Black and white photograph of the Bride and Groom linking arms at the altar.

Older wedding guests sitting on a pew watching the ceremony.

Wedding guests sat having a chat in church.

Young girl rests her head on her hand and looking bored in church.

Older wedding guests sat in church and laughing.

Little girl looks around sitting on her mums lap in church.

An older male wedding guest smiling at the little girl sat in front

Grooms mum sat on a pew and chats in church

Bride and Groom start to walk back up the aisle from the altar.

Bride and Groom walking back up the aisle as newlyweds

Wedding guests posing for a photo on a mobile phone.

Young boy peeps around a wedding guest and looking fed up outside the church.

Wedding guests hang around outside church taking photographswith the Bride and Groom.

Bridesmaid and her partner holding boxes of confetti.

Flower girl looking bored away from the other guests in the churchyard.

Wedding guests squinting in the sun outside St.Michael's church, Aughton, Ormskirk

Flower girl wearing a fluffy white Bolero holds her cuddly grey rabbit stuffed toy.

Groomsmen standing around chatting outside church

Groom carrying a grey wicker basket and giving out confetti to the wedding guests.

Bride and Groom walk awy from church holding hands.

Bride and Groom hold hands walking up the church path towards the gate.

Newlyweds take a walk through the churchyard.

Close up shot of the Bride and Groom holding hands showing the Brides wedding ring.

Newlyweds holding hands walking through the church grounds chatting.

Close shot of the newlyweds hand in hand

Newlyweds walking hand in hand towards the church gate.

Bride and Groom walking up to the entrance to the churchyard for the confetti shot.

Wedding guests in the church gateway get ready to throw confetti at the couple

Bride and Groom showered in confetti at the church gate.

Newlyweds are showered in confetti by the church gate


Bride holds her bouquet and smiling at her new husband.

The Bride photographed in the middle of a crowd of wedding guests.

Groomsmen waiting around outside the church gate.

VW campervan chauffeur stands on the doorsill to take a photo of the guests over the roof of the campervan.