Chester Wedding Photography• Hayley & Phil 15.09.2018



It's the first time I've shot a wedding at Carden Park Hotel and Spa and it was an absolute scorching hot day. I was delighted to have been asked to photography Hayley and Phil's wedding, they are a great couple, chilled and relaxed but really funny and just bounce off each other so well. The day started with Hayley and the Bridesmaids getting ready at the hotel, the dresses hanging up in the window, I love this kind of shot with the sunlight flooding through the window because it really brings out the lace detail in the dress. Phil was also at the hotel getting ready which meant I had chance to get some Groom's prep shots too, not something I get to do very often and it was nice to shoot something a bit different. The lads were all in a relaxed mood having taken advantage of the Golf courses the day before, they'd even brought along a Playstion 4 for a few games of FIFA in the hotel room. Heading back to Hayley and the Bridesmaids for the final bit of prep, the girls looking gorgeous thanks to The Hair Room, on-site at Carden Park and Rachel Ross Makeup. Hayley looked stunning wearing a Randy Fenoli wedding gown from Natalie Ann Brides in Liverpool, while the Bridesmaids wore dresses from Debenhams Bridal Collection.

As I said earlier, it really was a scorching hot day and meant the Bride and Groom were able to opt for an outdoor Gazeebo Wedding in the gardens of Carden Park with stunning views overlooking one of the Golf Courses. It has quickly become one of my favourite venues to shoot at and I'd love to go back there again soon, so if you're getting married here or at another wedding venue, let's have a chat about your special day so please get in touch.

Hayley went with a simple yet stunning and classically beautiful rose and gypsophila bouquet, perfectly complimented by the Bridesmaids gypsophila bouquets from the talented Meraki Floral Designs, not to mention the buttonholes and floral arrangement setting off the top table perfectly.

After we'd been around the grounds and onto the golf course in a chauffeured golf buggy for a few more relaxed portrait shots and to give the newlyweds a bit of time together we headed back inside for the wedding breakfast and for some funny and emotional speeches before the rest of the day continued with Hayley and Phil cutting the amazing wedding cake by Villa Nova Cakes and the guests joining them after the first dance and celebrating long into the night....

Thank you Mr & Mrs Chandler for letting me be a part of your day, best wishes for the future.

hairdresser sprays hairspray on the bridesmaids hair

flowergirls dress hangs up in the window next to the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses

sunlight shines through the window and highlights the lace detail on the brides dress

bride has a quick glass of prosecco during the bridal prep

flower girls present a tatty teddy wearing a grooms suit sits on the bed in the hotel

bridemaid takes the flower girls dress off the hanger as the flower girl watches

groom checks his phone in the hotel room during the prep.

groom puts on his socks during the wedding prep

blue playstation controller rests on the couch in the hotel room

close up of the groom fastening the buttons on his waistcoat

groom lifts up the colar on his shirt and puts a tie around his neck

bridesmaid helps the bride put on her garter during the prep

bride sprays perfume across her chest during the bridal prep

bride smiles and poses as she sprays perfume across her neck chest and shoulders

bridesmaid and flower girl help the bride fasten the back of her dress

close up of the bridesmaids hand as she fastens the buttons on the back of  bridesmaids dress

bridesmaid has a last drink of prosecco before heading out of the hotel room to get married

outside wide shot from the back of the groom standing at the wedding pergola as the seated guests wait for the brides arrival

bridesmaids walking down the steps in the garden of carden park as they walk towards the wedding party

bride and her father walk down the steps outide carden park as the videographer gets his shot in the background

bride stands next to  her father and smiles at the groom as the guests look on

bride laughs as her father gives her away and puts her hand in the grooms hand

wide shot from the back of the bride and goom standing outside in front of the pergola as the guests sit and watch  on a sunny day

bride smiling at the groom as they say their wedding vows

bride cracks up laughing as she gets her vows wrong and the groom looks watches bemused

bride and groom exchange their vows on a lovely sunny day

huge smile from the bride as the groom says his wedding vows and puts the wedding ring on her finger

bride slides the wedding ring onto the grooms finger

you may kiss the bride, the bride and groom share their first kiss as husband ad wife

bride and groom smiling at each other during the signing of the register

bride and groom showered in confetti as they walk up the aisle in the grounds of carden park

bride laughs as she is covered in confetti in her hair and over her back and shoulders

bride bridemaids and flower girl walk through the grounds of carden park

groom lifts the flower girl up in the air and hugs her

harpist drags a huge harp across the grounds of carden park in the sun, the golf course is in the background

bride holds her bouquet in the air as the guests enjoy the canapes

wedding guests start to head back inside at carden park hotel

bride and grooms mums having a chat sitting on a bench in the grounds of carden park


bride and groom stand on an old stone bridge in the grounds of carden park

bride and groom walk across the old stone bridge in the grounds of carden park while holding hands

bride and groom kissing on the carden park golf course with the hotel and fountain behind them

groom puts his hands around the brides waist adn whispers in her ear making her laugh

groom stands behind the bride and kisses her neck

wide shot as the groom plays with the brides hair on the carden park golf course

close up as the bride gives the groom a big hug

close up of the bride and groom about to kiss on the golf course at carden park

bride and groom standing under a tree on the golf course at carden park on a sunny day

bride and groom touch heads as she puts her arm around the back of his neck on the golf course at carden park

bride and groo kissing in the gardens at carden park hotel

bride and groom sitting on a park bench in the gardens of carden park

bride and groom sitting on a bench and looking at each other in carden park gardens

formal shot of the bride and groom standing in the gardens at carden park

bride and groom holding hands as they walk up the steps to carden park

bride and groom head back inside under the carden park sign

wedding guest signing book and pen sitting on the table next to the brides bouquet

bride and bidesmaid sitting on the top table pointing out a wedding guest

groom raises a glass of red wine in a toast

bridesmaid during the wedding breakfast pulls a face at the flowergirl

bride and bridesmaid laughing at her phone on the top table

wedding guests cheer and the father of the bride laughs during his wedding speech

the top table raise their glass in a toast during the wedding breakfast

bride and bridesmaid laughing at the grooms speech on the top table

bride and bridesmaid crack up laughing during the grooms speech

top table guests all raise a glass in a toast

groom and best man hug it out after the  wedding speech

wooden mr and mrs chandler topper sits on top of the wedding cake

bride and groom struggle to cut the wedding cake

bride and groom cut the wedding cake in front of their guests

bride sets off laughing as her and the groom cut the wedding cake

Bride throws the bouquet over her head as the wedding guests wait to catch it

bridesmaids and flower girl up on the dancefloor

bride and flower girl  holding hands and dancing under the disco lights

bride and bridesmaids up on the dancefloor under the dj lights

shutter drag shot of the dj lights as the bridesmaid and flower girl are up on the danceefloor

bride and groom take to  the dancefloor ready to start  their first dance

bride and grooms first dance as the wedding guests watch on

bride and groom hugging on the dancefloor under the dj lights

bride and groom singing the song from their first dance to each other

flowergirl and bride having a dance with the rest of the wedding guests

bridesmaid with wedding guests singing and dancing on the dancefloor