Liverpool Wedding Photography• Angela & Dan 02.06.2018

Angela and Daniel married at St.Helens Town Hall, a lovely old building right in the middle of town and a much nicer setting than the previous modern built Registrars Office that's no longer used for ceremonies. The girls hair and make up was left in the very capable hands of Becky's Hair & Makeup. The Bride wearing a gorgeous dress by the designer, Mori Lee from Belle of the Ball Bridals in Melksham while the Bridesmaids wore pale yellow dresses from the Occassionwear Collection at Quiz and the little Flowergirl's dress was from H&M. The Gents all looking dapper wearing Prince Albert suits from Groom Hire. The natural syle, wooden LOVE letters, post box & cake stand were supplied by Unique Rocks Event Hire and all fitted in perfectly with the room dressing as part of the lovely rustic theme chosen with bright sunflowers at the heart as the chosen colour scheme. The Brides and Bridesmaids lovely bouquets, the button holes and all of the floral arrangements were supplied by Wendy's Flowers in Rainford. Angela and Daniel went with a split half & half cake from Happy Days Cakes one side a more traditional wedding cake with icing swags, hearts and giant daisies but the other side I really struggled to shoot, Angela and her family are Liverpool mad so they went with bright red icing and the club badge and a Liverbird on, for some reason my camera just didnt want to work when i tried taking a photograph of it! The main cake was complimented by a selection of tasty iced cupcakes by Natty's Cakes. There's just something about an old VW Campervan that just makes you smile, I'd absolutely love one! Angela and Daniel's transport, called Angel was provided by Boho-Brides Classic VW Hire to chauffeur the Bride and Groom to their wedding reception at Rainford Village Hall stopping off for a few photogaphs on the way. I have to give a special mention to Forster's Farm Shop in Moss Bank for the amazing food at the Wedding Breakfast BBQ, I can't recommend this place highly enough, they supplied all the delicious food and took care of the BBQ side of it too, it's all locally produced and is fantastic, tasty and... well just the best quality and on my doorstep too, why didn't i find out about this place sooner! Entertainment on the night was provided by a great band, The Jonny Cooper Experience getting everyone up dancing with a mix of old school rock, soul and pop music too, defintely worth a listen if you're thinking of having a band at your own wedding or event. To round off the night the guests had a visit from another old VW this time The Fish Bay a fish and chip van, hired out from Plan The Occassion! The fish, chips and mushy peas went down an absolute treat!


Close up photograph of a juicy red strawberry in the top of a chilled champagne glass

Jimmy Choo perfume and Brides silver and saphire jewellery, earrings, necklace and bracelet

close up of the brides hands as she pins her fathers button hole to his morning suit

Brides shoes and a bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume on the bed

Bridesmaid smiling as she puts in her new ear rings wedding gift from bride

Bridal prep, Bride helps fasten Bridesmaids wedding gift necklace

Bridesmaid drinking champagne looking up at the wedding dress hanging up by the window

Brides stretches out white lace garter in her hands

Bridal prep, bride fastens bridemaids wedding gift bracelet

Both Bridesmaids putting on their silver wedding shoes matching the silver nail poilish

Bridal prep as Bridesmaids get ready to head off to the ceremony

Bride steadies herself by holding onto the post of the stairs

Family of wedding guests walk up to St.Helens town hall and little girl open mouthed as she sees the bride

Cream VW Campervan pulls up outside St.Helens Town Hall

Bridesmaids and Cheuffeur help bride out of the VW Campervan

Bride and Bridesmaids waiting for the registrar outside the Town Hall

Dad gives little flower girl a hug outside the town hall

Cropped shot of Pageboys smart trousers and converse trainers

Groom looking apprehensive waiting for the bride to arrive

Big smiles from the Bride as the Groom gives her a cheeky grin

Bride looks back at her guests laughing

Number 2. Groom counting through the 5 promises he makes to the bride during the vows

Bride smiling at the groom during her vows

Bride and Groom during the sand ceremony make a pattern by filling a glass frame with blue and white sand

Close up of the finished sand ceremony frame with layers of blue and white sand

Bride and Groom share a first kiss as husband and wife

Wedding guest reaches up and takes a photo of the Bride and Groom on her phone

Bride and Groom smiling at each other after signing the register

Bride and Groom kissing in front of a large stained glass window in St.Helens Town Hall

Bride and Groom walk down stairs in St.Helens Town Hall lit by a large stained glass window


Bride and Groom standing outside St.Helens Town Hall surrounded by their wedding guests throwing confetti

Photograph taken from the back of the VW Campervan of the Newlyweds in the front seat clinking glasses

Bridesmaids daughter holding the bridesmaids daisy bouquet

Bridesmaid bends down to give her young daughter a kiss

Low shot of the BBQ being fired up and food prepared under a green pop up gazeebo

Sunflower seeds and small terracotta plant pot wedding favors with a donation to Cancer Research UK

Dark brown wooden rustic illuminated large LOVE letters on dance floor

Small heart shaped hessian bunting spelling Groom and Bride hanging from the top tale

2 young girls concentrating stacking large wooden blocks to play giant jenga

Young girl leans and reaches for a big jenga block

Mother of the bride wearing a yellow fascinator turns and holds the back of her chair to talk to someone

Collage of chilldren playing with bubble at the wedding

Bridesmaid blows bubbles while children run around popping them

Excited children running around bursting bubbles at the wedding

Little boy lying down on top of his big sister hugging her

Great big grin from a little boy in yellow shirt, blue bow tie and braaces.

Flower girl with 2 fingers in her mouth stretching it wide showing her teeth and pulliing a funny face

Pretty lady wedding gest wearing a 1930s charleston style beaded head band chatting to another guest

Female wedding guest looking pleased holding up a mobile phone charger and lead

Lady wedding guest laughing and chatting at the table

Elderly lady with purple hair concentrates on removing a block in giant jenga

Young girl stands looking at all the food on the bbq

Delicious chargrilled burgers and kebabs sizzling on the bbq

Heavily pregnant lady rubbing her tummy with a plate of BBQ food

Wedding guests sampling the food at the BBQ

Lady waiting in the line for the BBQ laughs out loud

Groom shrugs holding a plate of food from the BBQ

Little girl in pink dress rides an inflatable pig

Groom with his arms up at chest height with a flower girls sunflower wand in one hand

Bride and Groom sitting at the top table the Groom gives a thumbs up to the best man out of shot

Bride lightly bites her lip during the Best Mans speech

The first of 2 Best Men takes the microphone to deliver his speech

Groom looks sheepish with his chin in his hand and a finger on his lips as the bride laughs

father of the bride listens to the best mans speech

Bridesmaid drinking wine listening to the Best Man Speech

Grooms mum fingers interlocked listening to the Best Man speech

2 male wedding guests lean a mobile phone against the beer bucket to watch rugby league live

Groom looks to skies with his hand on his chin pondering

Grooms beaming smile during the wedding speech

Groom puts his head in his hand and leans on the table and the bride looks shocked

Best Man number 2 gives the groom a wedding present during the speech

Bridesmaids take turns in delivering their speech

Bride puts her hand over her face while laughing at the Bridesmaids speech

Bride wipes her eye crying laughing at something one of the Bridesmaid said

Bridesmaids giving their speech looking towards the Bride and Groom on the top table


Bride passes the Pageboy wedding gifts to hand out to the Bridal Party

Groom with the microphone giving his wedding speech

Bridesmaid and Daughter listen to the Grooms specch smiling

Bride wide eyed and open mouthed looks up at the Groom during his speech

Wedding and engagement ring resting on a sunflower in the Brides Bouquet

Wide shot of the Bride and Groom standing amongst the tress and bushes across a large pond

Landscape photograph of the Bride and Groom leaning in kissing reflected in the water of a large pond

Black and white photograph of the Bride and Groom kissing reflected in the water

Groom stands behind the Bride and kisses her neck making her laugh

Bride and Groom standing down a country path chatting to each other

Bride and Groom kiss sitting on a hay bale outside Rainford Village Hall

Making marriage work for dummies book, a gift from the Best Man

Wedding guest sitting at her table and looking shocked ans appalled

Bride smiling and pointing as she gets her dress re-adjusted

Flower girl sitting on a hay bale looks to the sky holding a bubble wand

Best Man stands on the corner of the building in the shade to use his mobile phone quietly

Wedding Band having a quick drink outside sitting on hay bales before going on stage

Bride and Groom looking at each other as they cut the cake

Bride and Groom with the band get ready to start the first dance

Bride and Groom looking into each others eyes during the first dance

Family with young baby wedding guests start to make their way to the dancefloor

Wedding guests start to fill up the danceflooor

Bridesmaid and her partner dancing closely on the dancefloor

Older lady making moves and throwing shapes on the dancefloor

Low shot of wedding guitarist playing on stage

Groom first in the queue and on his own waiting for fish and chips from the fish and chip van

Groom eats his fish and chips served in a cone

Congratulations message written on the blackboard on the side of the fish and chip van

Wedding guest with a cone full of fish chips and mushy peas

Wedding guests form a long queue for food from the fish and chips van