Liverpool Wedding Photography • Fearn & Natasha 02.11.2018


It was a tough job cutting my choices down for this blog, it could've quite easily ended up 3 times as long with these two lovely ladies and their families and friends at the fantastic 30 James Street Liverpool, home of the Titanic. Right in the heart of the city centre facing the Albert Dock, the three Graces and the Pier Head it's a stunning and historic building dating back to 1898 and oozing luxury and harking back to the opulent times of first class passengers on the White Star Line, once the world's premier cruise line. It really is a stunning wedding venue. The day started with me heading straight to Natasha's room at the hotel first to get her bridal prep shots, when I arrived she was sat on the bed and pretty much ready to go, in her stunning Essence of Australia wedding dress from Natalie Ann Brides. That has never happened before, talk about organised...and chilled! At least the Bridesmaids and Flower Girls were still getting ready so I still had chance to get some prep shots, it made a nice change for the Bride just to be relaxed and sitting there while everyone else rushed around to get ready. After I'd got a few shots in Natasha I headed up to Fearn's room for some more Bridal prep shots, although this was a bit more like I'd expected Fearn was also chilled out but wasn't sat in her dress waiting! All the girls were in the very talented hands of Kelly from Vanity Liverpooland another Kelly, makeup artist from Deco Liverpool. Fearn and the her Bridesmaids were still ready in plenty of time, Fearn had chosen her beautiful Ronald Joyce wedding dress from Boutique Brides of Crosby.The cute little Flower Girls looked great in their gorgeous dresses from Monsoon while the Bridesmaids looked just as beautiful wearing their dresses supplied by Crystal Dresses. Also a quick mention for the lads looking sharp in their suits from Slaters Menswear. Guests were entertained before the ceremony in the Grand Hall and then afterwards upstairs in the fabulous Carpathia Restaurant by the Seranata String Quartet,and quoting Fearn "I never knew I needed a string quartet until I heard them at a wedding event and they are unbelievable" They definitely added to the atmosphere at the drinks reception!I really must give a big, big shout out the the amazing staff at 30 James Street, from start to finish Ciara and Rebecca were there to make sure the day went just as smoothly as possible, Dave the toastmaster is an absolute legend, such a lovely man, couldn't do enough for the newlyweds and kept the guests entertained all day and well into the evening. The lovely food was prepared by Chef Dave and served up by the fantastic team and the guests danced long into the night with music provided by TK Entertainments including a confetti canon during the first dance that was more of a blizzard, brilliant! So whether you're looking for somewhere to host your big day, or just somewhere enjoy a drink on the rooftop bar, have a lovely meal in the restaurant, take afternoon tea or if you're looking for a stunningly beautiful hotel to spend a night or two and one that's steeped in local Liverpool history, it's well worth looking at 30 James Street, the Home of the Titanic.You'll be spoiled for choice whether you stay in one of the cabins or a room on one of the 6 other floors, you can guarantee that you'll be spending the night in a room that just oozes luxury and make sure you take advantage of the stunning Morgan's Spa, I've never seen anything like it, can't wait to tick it off my to-do list!!

bouquet in the foreground with the bride out of focus in the background

flower girl gives the bride a hug before the wedding

tiny flower girl with big blue eyes and flowers in her hair leans on the bed with the bride in the background

flower girl sits on the bed during the bridal prep

bridesmaid wearing red helping another bridesmaid fasten her shoes during the bridal prep

master of ceremonies at 30 james street plays peek a boo making a little boy laugh

bride makes her way from the hotel lift with her dad carrying the train of her dress

bride waiting and looking over her shoulder for her bride to walk down the aisle

the brides see each other for the first time holding hands and smiling at each other

bride pokes her tongue between her teeth smiling at her bride to be

brides holding hands and big smiles at each other during the cermony

young flower girl stands in front of her dad making it look like she is wearing big black shoes

the 2 brides facing each other holding hands and smiling

the brides share a laugh as they sit down to sign the register

mother in law gives the new bride a kiss and hug at 30 james street

2 brides share a kiss on the steps of 30 james street home of the titanic

shot from overhead of the 2 brides holding a glass of champagne each with a strawberry floating in it and sharing a kiss

young boy and girl wrestling over a tablet in the restaurant at 30 james street

sting quartet playing in the restaurant at the home of the titanic

bride having a drink of champagne with her bridesmaids in the restaurant at 30 james street liverpool

bride and one of the wedding guests chatting and sharing a joke at the home of the titanic in liverpool

the brides posing share a kiss in front of the liver buillding on the liverpool waterfront

brides kissing on the liverpool waterfront with two of the three graces in the background

brides hugging and smiling during sunset on the lverpool waterfront with the river mersey in the background

photo opportunity when brides jump on a liverpool city tour bus for a quick photograph

master of ceremonies at 30 james street liverpool starts to introduce the speeches

father of the bride reads his speech from a piece of paper at the home of the titanic

brides brothers messing about and having a drink during mums speech

brides mum giving a wedding speech and making her daughter laugh on the top table

bride sets off laughing with her head in her hand during her mums wedding speech


photograph of an old fashioned block calendar displaying the wedding date sits on a shelf with the wedding rings

master of ceremonies throws his hands in the air as he stands behind the brides on the top table

wedding guest get in with the bridesmaids and ushers for a selfie

bridesmaid sits and chats on one of the tables with a wedding guest

flower girl sits on the window sill next to a model of the titanic in 30 james street


bridesmaid and usher chest bump on the dancefloor at 30 james street liverpool

young boy lying on his stomach down on the dancefloor with his legs crossed

backlit shot of the brides kissing on the staircase at 30 james street liverpool home of the titanic

brides hold hands on the rooftop terrace at 30 james street liverpool

flower girl down on the dancefloor being pulled up by a wedding guest

big smiles from the brides as they cut the wedding cake on the dancefloor at 30 james street

smiling brides cutting the wedding cake

a confetti canon covers the dancefloor with white confetti pieces during the newlyweds first dance

the brides go for a twirl on the dancefloor at 30 james street