Group Discussion Photography


2 young men sit and discuss topics that affect them
host encourages others to join in the discussion

man with his arm out making a point as another sits with his arms crossed
2 young men listen to the host as she makes another point during the discussion

male and female discussion hosts encourage topics for others to talk about
host raises his arms to make a point during the group discussion

man sits with his legs crossed under his chair raises an arm to make his point
2 young men listening to the views of others in the group discussion

wide shot of the room with chairs in a circle as people discus various issues that affect them
young man laughing during a group activity

man leaning on the table clasping his hands together
young woman sticks a post it not to her head during a group excercise

woman with a post it note on her head raises her arm at the table during a group excercise
woman sits at a table with a post it note stuck to her forehead