dad puts his hands out to his daughter as she sits on her mums knee

vicar bends down to scarlett and gives her 2 thumbs up before her christening

scarlett and her family with the god parents sitting in a row and listening to the vicar

scarlett clings to her mum and looks back over her shoulder at the vicar

scarletts big brother plays with the font at the christening

scarlett rubs her eye as the vicar talks to her at the font

scarletts mum holds her back over the font as the vicar pours water over her head as everyone watches on

vicar touches scarletts head as he pours water on her at the christening

scarletts mum smiling as the vicar dries off scarletts head after the baptism

young boy wearing a red bow tie is held up by one of the smiling christening guests pulls a funny face

little boy in a red bow tie sits in church during the christening

scarletts mum laughing at a little boy in church as scarlett watches on sitting on her mums knee

vicar looks to the sky and rolls his eyes during the christening

scarlett pulls a tongue at the vicar as all the family listen to what he says

vicar touches scarlett on her head as she sits on her mums knee

vicar hands a christening candle to one of the god parents

god parent sitting down holding the christening candle as scarlett watches him

christening guest puts her hand over a young boys mouth to stop him blowing out the christening candle

scarlett looks down at a small bottle of water from the christening font shes holding

little girl in a white christening dress bends down to pick up the little bottle of font water that she dropped on the floor

scarletts parents and god parents pose for a photograph around the christening font

scarlett wearing a white christening gown and silver bracelet smiles as she is held by her dad

scarlett stands with her arms crossed wearing her white christening gown

scarlett and her parents pose for a photograph with her grandparents around the christening font

scarletts older brother gets caught putting his hand in the font after the christening

scarlett held in her mums arms in chuurch after her christening

scarlett her mum and dad and young brothers pose for a photograph in church

scarlett and her parents pose with her brothers as one of them is tickled by his dad

balloon arch spells out scarlett in front of the dj at her christening party at pier points warrington

scarletts christening cake topper along with pink and white roses

scarletts christening cake and wish tree sign on the table at pierpoints warrington

scarletts wish tree with hearts hanging from it

on your christening ballons decorate the room at pier points warrington

banner reading welcome to the christening of scarlett with a photograph of her as a baby and now on either side on front of the stage at pierpoints

young girls having fun on the pierpoints dancefloor at scarletts christening

2 young boys sitting at a table playing with helium filled balloons at pier points warrington

young girl drags another girl around the dancefloor at pier points warrington

chrsitening guests enjoying themselves at the christening party

dad picks up his young son at the christening party

youg boy sits at a table with a drink and a straw and eating sweets from a tub

young boy smiling sits on the edge of the stage surrounded by ballons at the christening party

scarlett smiles as shes carried around pierpoints warrington by her mum

scarlett runs off onto the dancefloor wearing her christening gown

scarlett points to get down to the dancefloor as shes carried by her mum

scarlett smiles in her christening gown as she runs around the dancefloor at pierpoints warrington

young boy sitting at a table with his fingers strapped up watches tv on his phone during the christening party

young girl gets a piggyback on the pier points dancefloor

2 ladies one holding a baby laughing at the christening party

mum lifts her baby boy up in the air above her head at the pierpoints christening party

2 young sisters in matching outfits dancing around at scarletts party

scarlett and an older girl spinng around on th dance floor

girl does a cartwheel on the dancefloor at pierpoints warrington

scarlett poses on the dancefloor with a comfort blanket and a dummy in her mouth

a girl does the splits on the dancefloor while another tries to copy her

young isters in matching clothes having fun on the dancefloor at pierpoints warrington

scarlett and another young girl sitting on the dancefloor at pierpoints warrington

group of young children with their hands raised in the air sitting on the dancefloor

young boys jumping and cheering on the pierpoints dancefloor

christening guests up dancing at the party

scarlett with a dummy in her mouth smiles at the dj during her christening party

scarlett smiles wearing a plastic medal given to her by the dj

scarletts older brother pulls a funny face waering a plastic medal sitting on the dancefloor at pierpoint club warrington

scarlett eating a small bag of haribo on the dancefloor

young boy wearing a plastic gold medal dances at the christening party

scarletts brother on the dancefloor at her christening party

scarlett waering a white christening gown and gold plastic medal smiling holding a christening card in one hand and dragging a present bag in the other