Olivia Grace

christening guests arrive at church for olivias christening

man sitting on a bench in the church yard before the christening
man holds a newborn baby in hs arms inthe churchyard

olivia arrives at church holding her mums hand
olivia walks up the path to church holding her mum and dads hand

olivia walking up to church hand in hand with her mum and dad

lady christening guest crouches down and gives olivia a hug outside the church

photograph of olivia carried by her dad over the shoulders of christening guests

vicar chats with olivias mum and dad outside church before the christening

olivia sitting on her grandmas knee in church and brushing her hair

olivia carried by her mum holds onto her phone by the font

olivia not very happy crying puts her hand up to her mouth in church

olivia carried by her mum crying at the church font

olivia carried by her mum laughing at the font as the vicar splashes water on her

olivia and the vicar laughing at the church font

olivia standing on a church pew and leaning over the back

olivia looking excited and holding out an order of service sitting on her nans knee

olivia holds her mums phone up to her ear pretending shes on a call in church

olivia flashes her nappy as she takes a tumble walking up the steps at the altar

olivia at the altar with her mum and dad and godparents shouts and holds out her mums mobile phone

olivia held up by her mum crying surrounded by her godparents

olivia walking down the path from church struggles with her mums handbag on her shoulder
olivia walks away from church with her mums handbag over her shoulder

olivias wish tree at the christening party
close up of hearts hanging on olivias christening tree with a photograph of olivia on each one

photograph of olivia in a large frame with her name and christening date on it

close up of olivias pink and white christening cake

detail shot of the bow on olivias christening dress

detail shot of the flowers on the front of olivias christening dress

detail shot of olivia in her christening shoes and lacy socks

little boy wearing a bow tie and braces holds his mums hand at the christening party

olivia leans over the back of a seating booth at her christening party

olivia walks across the dancefloor at winwick leisure centre holding her nan and grandads hand

young girl dances at olivias christening party

teenage girl puts two thumbs up and sticks her tongue out while dancing at olivias christening party

man holds a photobooth prop a paper moustache on a stick under his nose at olivias christening party

lady laughs as she holds up glasses photobooth props at olivias christening party
olivia holds a young boys hand and looks out of the door at winwick leisure centre

little boy watched by his mum explores the park outside winwick leisure centre

2 men sitting on a park bench outside winwick leisure centre enjoying a pint