lit tealight candles on a stand in church

oliver fast asleep in his mums arms in church before the christening

vicar smiles as her reads from a sheet of paper as the christening starts

little boy lying in the aisle in church playing wth a toy

little oliver asleep on his mums knee as she sits on a church pew

olivers brother sits next to his dad pointing at something in church

christening guests sitting in a row in church for olivers christening

vicar talks to olivers mum and dad sitting on the front pew

olivers brother holds his dummy and a christening present and card

little boy lies on a blanket and drinks from a sippy cup in the church aisle

olivers mum and dad smiling in church during the christening
olivers brother sitting in church and looking up in the air at something

little boy lying in the church aisle being attended by his dad at olivers christening

vicar holds up the bible in olivers direction as he sleeps on his mums knee

vicar puts oil on olivers head during the christening

vicar fills up a silver bowl ready for olivers christening

oliver fast asleep on his mums knee in church next to his dad and brother

vicar pours water from the font over olivers head during the christening

vicar points to someone in church as her dries off olivers head wih a towel

vicar holds a small bottle of oil up to a young boy for him to smell

vicar holds a small bottle of oil during the christening

man lifts up a boy to a large high candlein church

vicar holds a boy up above his head to light the christening candle
large ornate candle in church

young boy smiles after lighting the christening candle

oliversbrother sits next to his dad and looks up at the vicar as he talks to him

young girl holds up the christening shawl in front of the vicar

young girl ina leather jacket and dress pulls a confused face as the vicar holds the christening shawl in front of her

vicar holds up the christening candle as a young boy and christening guests look on

vicar passes the christening candle to olivers dad

oliver fast asleep on his mums knee as his dad holds the lit christening candle

olivers brother holds up the christening candle helped by his dad

yicar holds up a jar of lollipops as olivers brother chooses one

olivers family pose with his godparents at the church altar

olivers mum and her friends pose with her friends at the altar

olivers dad poses with his friends and his sons at the altar

oliver carried by his dad looks up seriously at one of the christening guests

olivers brother plays with a friend in church with a lollipop in his mouth

one of the godparents gives oliver a kiss on the cheek in church

young boy in a bow tie and braces  helped into his coat by his mum

young boy holds up an orange lollipop in church at olvers christening

floating balloon in the shape of a babys dummy at the christening party

blue and white heart shaped plaque encouraging guests to sign their name on little wooden hearts

glass jar filled with wooden hearts with olivers name and christening date engraved on it

young boy smiling as he sits at the bar as the barman pours a pint

lady taking a photo on her phone of her son and husband

young boy with no shoes and socks sits on the dancefloor with his feet in the air at olivers christening party

oliver with a dummy in his mouth looks up at a helium filled balloon

oliver sitting on his grandmas knee looking very serious

oliver sits on an older mans knee and playing with a mobile phone

young boy carried by his dad plays with helium filled ballons at the christening party

olivers brother stands on his own at a table playing with a balloon weight

woman sticking out her tongue as she awkwardly carries her young son

man twirls around two young boys one holding onto each hand on the dancefloor at olivers christening party

little boy held by his arms and legs is swung on the dancefloor

olivers brother and friends run around on the danceflooor playing with helium filled balloons

olivers brother and mum smiling at the christening party

little boy weraing braces falls on his bottom on the dancefloor at the christening party

little boy sits on a table at the christening party and blows raspberries

2 older gentlemen sit chatting with their arms folded surrounded by empty glasses

oliver enjoying food at his christening party

olivers mum playing with helium filled balloons and a little boy
little boy and olivers mum laugh hard as he grabs a bunch of helium filled balloons

young children gather around the dj and magician at the christening party

young boy taps the top hat with a magic wand at the christening party
dj on the microphone at olivers christening party

young girl holds onto the bunches in her hair at the party

young girl holds onto the magic wand at olivers christening party

children gather around the magician at olivers party

dj up on stage with the microphone talking to olivers brother
dj up on stage shows the kids some dance moves for them to copy

dj sits down on the stage with the microphone surrounded by children