Karen & Ivy Louise

christening guests chatting in st.marys church haydock

guests sitting in church waiting for the christening to start

young girl stands next to a man shushing someone by putting his finger to his mouth in church

man and woman taking a selfie in st.marys church haydock st.helens

ivy louises mum karen smiles and puts her thumb up in church

ivy louise in her christeing gown and bonnet in st.marys church haydock

mum sitting in church adjusts her baby girls christening gown

black and white photograph of ivy louises mum karen sitting in church before the christening

karen pulls a funny face as she carries ivy louise up to the altar surrounded by family and friends

vicar pours water from the font over ivy louises head during her christening

vicar holds up ivy louise for the christening guests to see her

ivy louise in the arms of her grandma as karen gets ready for her turn to be christened

karen holds her hair back as the vicar laughs

vicar touches karen on the head and pours water from the christening font over her
karen looks shocked as though the water from the baptism font is really cold

karen holds her hair back out of her face as she leanes over the church font
karen holds her hair back as the vicar touches the top of her head during her christening

karen holds her hair back and leans over the font laughing as the vicar touches the top of her head and blesses her

karen has a look of resignation as the vicar dries off the top of her head with a towel after her baptism

karen sits back down and adjusts her hair after her baptism

ivy louise hair is soaking wet after her christening as one of the guests puts her dummy in her mouth in church

karen uses a towel to dry off her face after her baptism

ivy louise with curly wet hair in church after the christening

ivy louises mum gives her wet hair a brush to tidy her up after her christening

ivy louise is lifted into the air and given a kiss by one of the christening guests

big group shot of all the christening guest at the alter in st.arys church haydock st.helens

christening guests chatting as they get ready to leave church and head off to the party

karen and a christening guest pose for a photograph and make v signs at the camera

young girl walks a tighrope with her arms outstretched along the edge of the altar
young boy poses for a photograph while carrying a childrens toy camera

karen gets a hug in primrose vaults at the christening party

ivy louise gets a kiss on th cheek at the christening party

man screws his face up looking embarrassed as a lady sat next to him laughs loudly

lady on her phone with a big smiile sits next to a man with a pint at the christening party

man holds onto a young boy and tips him backwards at the party

man lifts up young boy and poses for a photograph

woman puts her hand over her mouth as other christening guests look at a boy wearing ear defenders at the party

pink and white christening cake with flowers and baby blocks

man teaching a young boy to play pool at the primrose vaults pub

young girl and her mum pose for a photograph at the primrose vaults st.helens

lady on her phone smiles at the camera as she stands in the doorway to the beer garden at primrose vaults st.helens

ivy louises mum puts her arm around one of the christening guests at the party

ivy louises mum hugs one of the christening party guests

man with a young boy getting a ride with his arms around his neck hanging on to his back

christening guests pose for a photograph at primrose vaults st.helens

group photo in the primrose vaults beer garden at the christening party