newchurch parish church warrington

hallie carried by her dad arrives at church for her christening

hallies big sister olivia smiles at her sitting in church

vicar puts his hand to his ear to encourage the church goers to speak up more loudly

baby hallie reads the order over service sitting on her mums knee in church

one of hallies godparents gives her someting to eat in church to keep her quiet

vicar raises his hand in church as everyone gathers around the font

vicar pulls a face and  looks over his glasses while holding the baby ready to be christened

hallie looks down at the water in the font as her big sister tries to put her hand in it

vicar pours water from the font over hallies head

hallies big sister touches her head with water from the font

baby tries to grab the vicars glasses off his head during her christening

baby makes a grab for the vicars glasses in church

vicar has a shicked face as a baby grabs his glasses of his head during the christening

baby hallie wearing a flower headband looks around behind her while sitting on her dads knee in church

posed photograph of hallie and her parents with her big sister godparents and 2 young girks around the font

hallies sister picks daisies in the church grounds after the christening

hallie poses with one of her young godparents

photo montage of baby hallie in the shape of a number one

large balloon with the words welcome to hallies 1st birthday printed on it

mickey mouses face hangs off a streamer hanging from the ceiling at leigh cricket club

hallies mini mouse pink and gold christening and birthday cake sit on the table with her wish tree

close up detail of hallies gold pink and white minnie mouse cake

large golden wood frame with small photograph of hallie bunting and with her name and birthdate

jars of sweets on the sweet table at hallies christening party

photobooth props in a jar at hallies christening and birthday party

peg board sign reads hallies christening and 1st birthday have a lovely day xxx

bunting with a photographs of hallie at each month until her first biirthday

hallie and one of her god parents poses in a hoop frame with minnie mouses bow ears and hands reading happy 1st birthday hallie on it

young girl having fun on soft play climbing equipment

halllie photographed with one of the christening and birthday party guests

mum holds her babys chin and turns her head to look at her as her big sister stands next to her

young girl peeps out from under a pile of soft play equipment

girl showing some dance moves with her arms stretched out and turned downwards

little boy climbs up the ladder to a slide into a ball pool

young boy lies at the bottom of the slide surround by balls in the ball pool at hallies birthday party

hallies big sisterolivia sits on the floor eating a sandwich at the birthday party

hallie sitting on the knee of one of the party guests eating

hallies sister wearing a party dress has a drink from a cup with a minnie mouse straw

oliva hallies sister looks in the mirror for the first time to see her painted face at the party

hallie sits on a young girls knee ready to play pass the parcel at her party

hallie watches sitting on a young girls knee as she helps her open her pass the parcel prize

young boy and girl sit on the floor waiting their turn at pass the parcel

young giirl stands with her arms folded at hallies christening and birthday party

hallie and mum posing for a photgraph with one of the guests at her party

teenage girl lies back and rests her head on the lap of a boy wearing beats headphones at the christening party