all the family arriving at church for a christening

dad and son arrive at church for the christening

dad straightening up his little boys clothes

son holding his dads fingers in church

kids on church bench listening to an adult

georges sister waving to someone in church at his christening

boy with his fingers in his mouth smiling

little boy on nans knee in church

girl puffing out her cheeks and hitting them

little girl sitting on her mums knee in church

young boy with a cheeky smile

little boy smiling at his nana

georges sister squeezes his cheeks sitting on the church pew in st.annes church ormkirk

little boy playing peek a boo

georges sister peeps around one of the christening guests in church

mum looking at her young son with love

georges dad holds him over the font in st.annes church ormskirk

vicar pours water from the font over georges head with a large shell during his christening

george gets christened as the vicar pours water from the font over his head

georges dad holds him up over the font as his mum looks on smiling

mum drying off little boys hair after his baptism

georges mum dries off his head after the christening at st.annes church ormskirk

boy looking unimpressed at the priest after his christening

parents standing with the godparents at the altar

priest looking at a bottle of some oil for making the sign of the cross

priest making the sign of the cross on the little boys head

boy points his finger at the priest

boy rubbing his head while his parents watch on

boy wearing baptismal scarf looking at the baptism candle

mum and dad pose with little boy at the font

george poses with his mum and dad and god parents at the font in st.annes church ormskirk

george with his mum and dad and grandparents pose for a photograph after his christening

georges sister leans back holding onto a pew in church

georges sister sticking her tongue out in church

little girl running down the aisle in chrch getting her photograph taken

posed family photograph outside the church in the grounds

georges mum carries him through the church yard at st.annes ormskirk

mum plants a kiss on her sons cheek outside church

black and white photograph of mum carrying george in her arms

george holds his mums hand in the grounds of st.annes church ormskirk

little boys smart shoes and hand in pocket

georges hand in the pocket of his little suit

cool little dude with his hands in his pockets

little boy takes a tumble in thechurch grounds with dirty hands

girl skipping after her mum in the churchyard

big sister skipping along the church path

big sister with a cheeky smile

little girl with a big cheeky grin

little girl peeps around the staircase in the market cross ormskirk

christening balloon floating above the buffet

christening guests chatting at the market cross ormskirk party

little boy looking surprised by the camera

dad chatting with family

christening guest helpiing out by blowing up christening ballons

milk and white chocolate christening cake

georges sister holds her hands out to an older guest at the party

little boy carrying a christening present in a paper gift bag

georges big sister playing with balloons

george wearing a paper plate as a hat

little boy not looking impressed with his christening cards

boy playing with elderly guests at the christening party

christening guest takes a photo on her mobile phone of her son

mum pretending to take a bite out of her sons cupcake

black and white portrait photo of a young boy looking up

christening party guest admiring friends ear rings

mum pulling a funny face at her son

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