'Dance Works' Rehearsals

Laura, the dance teacher at 'Dance Works' wanted some photographs taken of the final dress rehearsal to go in the programme and on the website/across social media and I was lucky enough to be asked to help out. The girls and a few boys too, are a wide range of ages from the very young through to mid teens and you can tell they all really enjoy it out there, they're a fantastic group of dancers and at all levels and experience, I've got 2 left feet so I was really impressed. So if your little ones are interested in learning to dance and with a range of classes from from Street Dance to Ballet and even Musical Theatre, why not get in touch with Laura or Becky at...



Young girl in black leotard does the splits on stage

Young girl cartwheels across the dancefloor in a school hall

2 young girls dancing with their arms stretched out

Dance students waving their arms up and down with clenched fists

wide shot of dance students with their arms in the air

Young dance students smiling with their arms up high in the air

Wide shot of dance students with arms upstretched practicing on stage and on the floor

Young dance students holding hands wearing black leotards

Cute little dance student in black leotard with a big smile

Little girl dances with one hand on the ground and spinning around


Teenage girl wearing black leotard dances in front of stage

Teenage dance group making shapes and striking poses on stage

Teenage girls dance routine crouching down with hands on their thighs

Young girls wearing light up trainers go through a dance routine

Group of young girls going through a dance routine wearing flashing trainers

Young girl does a hand stand on stage with one leg in the air

Group photograph of dance troup on stage wearing peach and pink outfits

Posed group photo of young girls wearing various fluorescent dance outfits

3 teenage girls in ballet poses for formal photograph

Little girls cheerleading waving pom poms above their heads

Full formal group shot of all dancers on stage wearing show outfits

Light up sign spelling dance on stage reflection on floor

Young cheerleaders wearing black and gold outfits practice on stage

Young boy cartwheels in front of dancefloor sign on stage while another dancer jumps 2 footed in the air

Girls dancing in gold and black dance show outfits

2 girls practice tap dancing ready for the dance works show

8 girls in black leotards practice tap dancing on stage and on the fllor

3 girls in pink and purple outfits ballet dancing at the end of the dance light up sign

3 girls in purple and pink ballet outfits curtsey in front of light up dance sign

5 little girls on stage cheerleading in front of the light up dance sign

7 little girls wave their pom poms in the air during cheerleading rehearsal

Little girls doing star jumps with pom poms waving above their heads

Line of young girls croucching down shaking their pom poms

Boy and girl balancing on one foot in front of light up sign

Young girl and boy ballet rehearsal jumping with arms in the air

girl leans with both hands on the floor with one leg above her head

Young boy looks at camera waiting to start street dance routine

Young kids doing their street dance rehearsal for Dance Works

Little kids street dance practice for dance show

Teenage girls practice modern dance routine for dance works show

Girls with arms and legs stretched wide on stage and on floor practicing dance routine

Girls lying on the floor in front of large illuminated dance sign for modern dance routine

kids in coloured hoodies with light up trainers practice street dancing

Big smile on girl in lilac hoodie street dancing class rehearsal

Street dancers in coloured hoodies crouch down on the floor as part of their routine

Big smiles from children in hoodies crouch down in front of illuminated dance floor sign

Girl in red hoodie does the spilts and smiles at camera in front of giant light up dance sign

Young girls in coloured hoodies lying down on stage while another does the splits

2 girls dressed in red sequins jump in the air doing gymnastics on stage

4 girls in red sequined outfits practice dance routine

dance routine with 4 girls sitting on the floor with legs wide pointing toes hugging themselves

4 girls in a circle holding hands leaning backwards in front of large iluminated dance sign

2 teenage girls in red and white 60's style dresses arms in the air practicing dance routine

4 girls in 60's style red and white dresses and light up trainers dance rehearsal

2 girls do the splits and 2 kick their leg in the air during

2 young girls wearing holographic outfits cheerleading

2 young girls in silver outfits shaking pom poms in the air

2 young girls in silver sparkly outfits wave pom poms in the air for dance show rehearsal

A group of very young ballet dancers wearing pink stand on stage ready to start dance routine

Young girls holding hands wearing pink ballet outfits

Group of little girl ballet dancers kneel down on stage while one girl dances in between them

2 girls in peach and purple outfits ballet dance on the floor


Group of young female ballet dancers kneel down waiting to start their practice routine

Teenage ballet danceer onstage with arms out stretched and one leg in the air

Ballet goup standing in different poses while one girl does the splits in front of the group

Musical theatre group of girls acting out scene in hairspray

Musical theatre group rehearse hair spray scene

Lead character in hairspray talking to her mum as she irons

Hairspray dance works rehearsal, young girl in tartan skirt white blouse and trainers sings

Girl in hairspray rehearsal sings and throws arms up in the air

2 girls playing characters from hairspray leap through the air across the floor

Hairspray dress rehearsal group of characters on stage singing

Girls do the twist on stage during hairspray dance rehearsal

Girls dancing on stage during hairspray musical theatre scene

Girls doing the hand jive on stage during hairspray dance rehearsal

Final dance scene girls posing during hairspray routine

Young children jumping to girls aloud song jump

Young children dancing to gangnam style during dance dress rehearsal

Young boy posing makes the ok sign during dance show practice

Young boy strikes a pose as the girls watch on during dance routine

Young boy wearing an emoji t-shirt does a back fliip across the dance floor

Teenage girls in bacl velour outfits in ballet poses

Girl in black and white chiffon dress in classic ballet pose

Girl in back and white chiffon dress ballet leaps across the stage

Teenage girl does a cartwheel on the stage in front of large illuminated dance letters

Teenage girl kicks her leg in the air balacing on one foot arms up high

Young children acting out scene from oliver twist

young children on one knee dressed as urchins acting out scene from oliver twist

Little children practice food glorious food routine from oliver twist

Musical theatre group children rehearsing food glorious food scene from oliver twist

Young girl and boy face each other and shake opposite hands in olver twist scene

Young girl dressed as a street urchin sits on boys knee and sings

Young girl and boy back to back and boy lifts girl up off the floor

Girls and Boys on stage singing food glorious food from oliver twist

Girls in red dresses dance with ribbons in a groupd

Girls in red ballet dresses ballet dancing with pink chiffon ribbons

2 young girls in purple outfits with arms stretched up in the air

2 girls cartwheeling across the floor wearing purple dance outfits

Girls in purple outfits sitting on the floor during dance routine practice

3 girls ballet leap across the stage and floor wearing shiny purple dance outfits

Girls practicing ballet leaps for dance show

Young children dancing to walk like an egyptian by the bangles

Young boy in egyptian pose practices dance routine

Children dressed like egyptians dance across the floor

Group of young girls in dungarees and checked shirts

Little girls in dungarees and checked shirts dancing on stage

2 little girls going through dance moves on stage

Group of young girls dancing on stage

Cheerleaders jump in the air wearing orange outfits

Girl cheerleader sits on stage next to large light up dance letters

Young cheerleaders on stage shake gold pom poms in the air

Girl balances acrobatically on another girls hands and feet as she lies down on the floor.

Girl bends backwards over another girls knee durig dance practice



Young teenager does the splits on the dancefloor during rehearsals for dance show

Dance group leaping into the air during show rehearsals

Large group of dance students jumping on one leg

2 young girls crouch down on the dancefloor practicing a routine