I was asked to shoot stocked products for UKNishikigoi,a Koi sales oulet in Sutton just off the M62, ready for their new website. It's an absolutely amazing set up there, well worth a visit and fascinating to see behind the scenes. The main shop along with 5 ponds holding up to 10,000 gallons of water is housed in a converted barn within 2.5 acres of land and another 5 ponds on the terrace. Outside the main building they're working on a series of 8 more ponds all covered by a huge poly tunnel and 2 existing 200,000 gallon growing and mud ponds, both udercover too. They stock so many products it was a huge and challlenging task to photograph them all and make sure nothing was missed off the list, there's just a small selection in the photos below. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished website later this year and also going back to get some interior and exterior shots and the pond set up as well as getting to photograph their vast amount of Koi stock ranging in sizes from 5" to 34".